Nuevo estándar de excelencia en Los Cabos

The Copala development at Quivira Cabo is located in Cabo San Lucas. Baja California Sur which forms part of Mexico’s premier touristic destination.

Quivira Golf Club had an investment of 40 million dollars on over 80 acres. It is found on the coast of the Pacific and bears the design of it’s golf spaces to world-class legendary player Jack Nicklaus.

Inaugurated in December 2014; it was immediately qualified as the "Best New Golf Course at International Level” of the year 2014 by Golf Magazine in it’s 2015 January edition. It is also acknowledged as best golf course in Latin America.



Despite being so young, the development and the gold course have received several awards, such as: a mention on the TOP 5 "Great Golf Resort Communities of 2015” by the “World Property Journal*. Golf Inc. recognized Quivira as the ‘Development of the year* in 2014 and it was also named "Best Place to Live Abroad” in the special edition of LINKS Magazine in 2015 of Real Estate.

Jack Nicklaus expressed: 'Our team has worked with a canvas from Mother Nature who has allowed us to create one of the most mesmerizing golf courses in the World.” He also said “we have created something exciting on the mountain and dunes. I think we have achieved to forged a golf course that is played as spectacularly as it looks”.

Finally, the legendary golfer indicated 'this property has granted us with a unique opportunity, due to its topographic diversity and natural surroundings*.





Quivira Golf Club is surrounded by beautiful golden beaches, it offers a one of a kind exposition of the ocean; it holds views to the sea in every hole, besides it's mesmerizing desert cliffs and panoramic scenery of the ocean. All of this is complemented by an exclusive Clubhouse in front of the blue.


It is ideal for residents and visitor who love, live and celebrate life.


An exceptional community

This fantastic golf course is part of the main attractive characteristics of the development of greatest importance in Los Cabos. Mexico and Latin America: Quivira Los Cabos. We are talking about a real estate complex that enjoys a privileged location, where the Cortez Sea converges with the Pacific Ocean; located scarcely 10 minutes away from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Although there are new projects in the area Quivira Los Cabos stands out due to it being a solid, well-established development. It includes grand luxury hotels such as Pueblo Bonito Sunset. Pacifica, Montecristo and Novaispania, as well as the extraordinary Quivira Golf Club.

Quivira Los Cabos also has amazing real estate opportunities through two communities of con- trolled access designed thinking of the safety and comfort of it's owners.




Coronado at Quivira has 68 land parcels for one-level residences. Several models are available, 4 or 5 bedrooms, with deluxe finishes and ocean views. The development is distinguished by its architectonic style of Mexican hacienda, which in- vites the enjoyment of an outdoor lifestyle, with grand sea views and golf course. The houses count with an area of 350 to 500 m2 and the terrains go from 800 to 1.200 m2: prices vary from 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars.

Copala at Quivira Los Cabos is surrounded by a golf course with ocean sights, it offers luxurious flats of 1 to up to three bedrooms and houses with 3 or 4 suits. It has a marvelous Clubhouse with access to Quivira beach club. It offers prices that go from the 380.000 dollars to one million dollars, along with 10 years of direct financing in dollars or pesos.

Quivira Los Cabos is, without a doubt, one of the best opportunities for real estate investment in Los Cabos. If you are interested in discovering what Quivira Los Cabos has for you, we will help you plan your next visit to this paradise throughout in the most pleasant and complete life experience Los Cabos. 




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