Forget about eye-related constraints with the latest technology

To care for your eye health is necessary that you go to a clinic with trained medical and technology to ensure the completion of surgeries to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Know the most advanced equipment.

Question: Are all Excimer Laser units the same? No, each make and model definitely has different characteristics offering different advantages and benefits.




Question: Do all clinics have the latest equipment? No, some clinics use equipment made over 15 years ago, while other units have more modern equipment.

Question: Is all equipment made in Germany? No, although German technology is the most advanced, there are models designed and produced in the US and Japan.

German brand Schwind currently sells the Esiris model and the 7th generation Amaris. The Zeiss brand has developed the VisuMax.

The technology is very sensitive to the passage of time, and so more recent equipment will have much better advantages and benefits for patients. The 7th generation Amaris fires its laser three times faster and the eyetracker is also as fast. It also has a double fluency system that allows the cornea surface area that was operated to be polished. It has a thermal control system that ensures laser shots to fall in the cornea at the same distance every time. And it has a cycle torsion system which, unlike the Esiris, only follows the eye’s left to right and up to down movements. The 7th generation Amaris tracks the eye’s circular motion as well, thus avoiding surgery-induced astigmatism. This sets a wide gap between the 7th generation Amaris and the Esiris.




German firm Shwind recently launched its 7th generation Amaris. Omnilaser is the first clinic in Mexico to have this equipment, which is leaps and bounds ahead of any other equipment, including the Esiris. And its features, mentioned before, ensure better results during surgery and a much faster recovery for patients.

Question: What techniques are there to correct visual defects with excimer lasers? The most frequently used technique is LASIK, which consists of cutting a flap to fire the laser into the corneal tissue thus correcting any refraction defects. But some patients had corneas that were too thin or flat, making application of LASIK technique difficult. These patients underwent the LASEK technique, but it required the doctor to mix some corrosive liquids that get rid the corneal epithelium. This liquid was carefully put into the eye to dissolve the corneal epithelium.




The latest technique is called Relex Smile, which can only be done on VisuMax. This technique corrects the cornea internally. The corrected cornea is extracted through a 4mm cut. This technique does not cause the dryness of the eyes caused by the removal of the corneal epithelium, but as we said before, it can only be done with a VisuMax. Omnilaser is the first private clinic in Mexico to have this advanced laser technology.

Question: How could you summarize all of the above?

Pretty easily: the latest technique is Relex Smile, which can only be done on a VisuMax; and an Esiris doesn’t come close to a 7th generation Amaris.


Text: Cortesía de Revista Jet News ± Photo: Omnilaser