La Paz, the capital city of the state of Baja California, and one of the main cities on the Peninsula, is a Mexican tourist destination which stands out for its ecological attractions. In this destination, one can fully experience diverse activities such as diving, camping, ecotourism, sports events, amongst many others.

La Paz and its surroundings possess an extraordinary number of large pelagic fishes. Amongst these, the most coveted spices are the striped marlin, the blue marlin, the black marlin, goldfish,  and tuna, making La Paz an international paradise for sport fishing along its coasts, from the bay of La Paz, El Sargento and La Ventana, towards the Cabo del Este zone, including Los Barriles and even further to the south. 


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Sport fishing is an activity that allures tourists from all across the globe to take part in annual tournaments, as is the Bisbee Circuit, which takes place in September and which draws hundreds of fishermen that compete to receive the first prize.

The fleet that caters to La Paz, chiefly inside the area of Los Barriles, includes fully equipped yachts and fishing vessels commanded by experienced captains that sail travelers to areas where fishing abounds. 

If one prefers fishing with lighter gear, doing so a few miles off coast, or even on the shores can yield beautiful catches of shallow water species, ideal for evening dinners. Be what your preference may be, in La Paz travelers will find everything that is needed to make of this sport an unforgettable adventure. 

Diving is favored in these regions given the magical ecosystems found in the Island of the Holy Spirit, and the archipelago that harbors coral reefs and underwater caves, as well as the presence of colonies of sea lions. The islands’ coral reefs can be explored via diving or snorkeling; depths ranging from eighteen to forty-three meters in “El Bajo” make of this place an ideal spot for deep diving, which also provides the opportunity for divers to observe marine life, such as giant manta rays and whale sharks. Highlights include: The surprising artificial coral reef formed in and around the sunken vessel “Salvatierra”, the island of Cerralvo, which provides impressive views of underwater canyons, and The Animas, which harbors coral reefs seventeen meters below the surface of the water.   

The beaches of La Paz are suitable for rest and recreation, as well as presenting themselves as an opportunity to admire the natural beauties of the region. “Puerto Balandra” and “Pichilingue” are sites to find the peace that travelers seek in these regions, while the “El Tecolote” beach offers, as well, a clam set of wave’s ideal for aquatic activities.


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Amura