FONATUR boasts a 38 year record, and its Integrally Planned Centers (ICP) Cancun, Ixtapa, Los Cabos, Loreto, Huatulco, and Litibu stand as testimonies of its success, always driven by the vision to generate new travel destinations, and attract private investors. This vision has allowed, as well, to accelerate the economic surge. The travel destinations created by FONATUR guarantee a sustainable development that bolsters Mexico into becoming a tourism powerhouse of international renown, and which promotes investment for travel destinations.

In the last few years, FONTAUR has forged a continuous stream of success stories in Cancun; nevertheless, there are always new challenges and tasks to address. Being an institution that plans for excellence, one can image the future of Cancun: Joint cooperation between local authorities, hoteliers, service lenders and civil servants, working to develop and construct Tajamar Cancun, a new residential, corporate, and hotel area in the city.



This new project, by FONATUR, will elevate the already high quality of living in the area, reinforce the place held by Cancun in the international listing of travel destinations, and attract segments of specialized markets whose most shining characteristics are those with the largest level of spending.

Tajamar Cancun will be conceived as an urban-tourist center capable of housing living quarters, services, equipment, and commerce which will strengthen the image of Cancun, a strong city with an aquatic front at the Nichupté Lagoon.

Once the project is completed, it will be possible to furnish the destination with more diverse tourism-related products aimed at social achievements in accordance with segments of the markets that FONATUR wishes to attract.


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