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If you are dreaming of a serene, quiet refuge at the edge of the sea, you will find an oasis of peace in BAHLAY PICHILINGUE.

"A Doorway to Paradise" is the best definition for this spectacular development. Located in Acapulco, Pichilingue across from Punta Diamante and next to Puerto Marqués. It is a splendid sanctuary for travelers who prefer an isolated spot away from the crowds.

BAHLAY is located in the midst of a tropical forest where, in an ancient ravine populated by gigantic trees with huge roots and scattered with enormous rocks, water descends from the mountain forming small falls that eventually reach the sea.

This exclusive residential complex was created with a profound, intense respect for nature, in which water is a central element, and keeping us in contact with it are the sea, brooks, pools, Jacuzzi and Spa.



BAHLAY, where nature is always the protagonist, was designed with all the comforts and services required by modern life.

For example, to guarantee peace of mind, BAHLAY offers 24-hour security, restricted access to the grounds and surveillance of the entire area by means of closed circuit TV.  

The four stone and glass towers seem to emerge like enormous trees, harmonizing and blending into the surroundings. They are linked by a scenic path that winds around the brooks and rocks.




Each apartment offers a magnificent view of Pichilingue bay from three sides, direct access elevator, service elevator and three parking spaces per unit.

All the towers have a concierge who will help solve any problem, no matter how small. There is also a dock, beach club, plaza, lobby, tennis courts and fitness room, but the most important element is its modern design. Set in the midst of a beautiful, natural setting, it safeguards its relationship with the environment and is in harmony with its surroundings.

Only 30 families will be able to enjoy this exclusive development at the edge of the sea. BAHLAY, a Doorway to Paradise.   





Bv. Barra Vieja s/n

T 01 (744) 435 12 40


T 56 62 81 18 (México)


Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA