The best spa in Mexico and why

At the heart of Valle de Bravo there's a site that promises relaxation, wellness, physical health, mental and emotional rest, tranquility and renewal. It invites you to submerge into an experience of true indulgence and healing. The Spa, Real A’ayani, Integral Evolution Space offers its visitors, plus the ability to escape from the noise that dominates daily life, a number of therapies in order to recapture that inner tranquility that seems to have no place in present.

Real A'ayani enjoys a privileged location, in the ravine by the river in front of a waterfall that surrounds your energy balance and calm, which undoubtedly makes it the ideal place to get away from everyday life and lose oneself in the charm the natural environment.

Real A'ayani, in conjunction with the Hotel Refugio del Salto Mission provides world-class accommodations services within an atmosphere of magic, peace and beauty in harmonious coexistence with nature. At your disposal it’s also the attention of professional experts in the field of massage, facials, wraps, alternative medicine therapies, emotional, and spiritual as well as meditation and chi kung.

Healing therapies go hand in hand with the full relaxing treatments specific to a spa, which in turn follow a clear process from start to finish. First, the host has cleansing and detoxifying treatments and leveling of pH, including salts tub in front of the waterfall, mud tub and steam room.

The joy continues with a wide range of massages, scrubs and wraps of wine or chocolate, giving back the natural shine and health of the skin, as well as moisturizing Anti-age Facials. To continue this unprecedented experience, alternative medicine therapies through Scio, Zone Therapy, Acupuncture, Herbal Magnets along with the Temazcalli on the side of the river.

As an Evolution Spa, it also has emotional integration therapy, in which visitors can heal the deepest wounds and let go of old patterns of behavior in order to achieve true fullness of life.

In keeping with the beauty of the forest and the river, in an atmosphere of warmth and indulgence, Real A 'Ayani is the ideal place to escape a few days either weekday or weekend and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Text:  Amura ± Photo: Real A. Ayani