Part of a good quality of life is considering several vacation periods during the year as well as nonstop resting weekends.

However, hotels not always offer the privacy and services that one likes and requires; also a country or beach house can be a nuisance when it has a deficient management.

That is why, renting a country or beach house, villa or beach residence that satisfies your needs and likings can be a very attractive alternative, and because it grants you all the comfort you are looking for as well as privacy and amenities, as long as it is done with professionals.



Fortunately this new option that offers the possibility to rent a house during vacations or weekends is already available in our country.

An alternative that provides very attractive advan- tages. such as selecting the property that fulfils your choice and needs best, that has a good location, more privacy, schedule flexibility for entering and exiting the house, greater lodging capacity, more coexistence, less restrictions and even to bring vour pet along.

Travel Residences is a pioneer enterprise in this new concept, it allows vacationers to stay at the most beautiful places, where the)' can feel like if they were at their own country house. A dream come true!

Imagine having at vour disposition more than 700 properties in the best tourist destinations in Mexico; beach, country, mountain, lake or even colo- nial cities with a great diversity of styles so that ever- yone will rent their own dream house.

Travel Residences is backed up by RC1 Group that represents a guarantee in quality in the service and attention to clients and owners.

In the same way is supponed by a 100% automatic platform for fast search and reservation which make them standout among the rest of their competitors.

It's important to know that is not necessary to be a RCI member or have any membership to be able to rent with Travel Residences.

It's simple, quick and above all, safe, the only thing you have to do is consult their website:, choose your destiny and the property you like the most and rent it for as long as you wish. A few days, a week or even months.

If vou prefer vou can use the Call Center where you have the advantage to pay with credit card, and at the same time enjoy the special offers of the season.

If what you want is to spend a different vacation with family or friends or simply forget about the rou- tine and go out the weekends, we fully recommend renting your dream house.

Have a nice trip!


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DF and Metropolitan area

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Rest of the country

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Text: Amura ± Photo: Travel Residences