The spell of Europe without crossing the Atlantic

Montreal is a city that enchants all who visit it. With its brilliant atmosphere, full of parties and celebrations all year round; it is the perfect place to enjoy yourself, go shopping and fill yourself with a European ambiences without having to cross the Atlantic.

It is without a doubt, a joyful city that invites you to enjoy its elegant boutiques and its famous gastronomy, to visit Old Montreal and walk through its neighborhoods that make it multifaceted and charming.

Montreal is charm and enjoyment the whole year round, but in winter the city is completely magical. The winter season that makes it wonderous with brilliant colors lights, perfectly decorated shops and streets covered in a beautiful layer of snow to accompany the events and festivals staged specially for the season.




Shopping is without doubt important and difficult items included leather, handicrafts from the Native Americans, high-fashion and antiques. The fashion boutiques can be found in Rue St. Denis.

If you're looking to enjoy yourself, Montreal has some of the best discotheques and nightclubs in Canada. In the summer, the “terrasses” of all people the whole day long.

The areas with the best night life are Rue Crescent and Rue St. Denis.  

Montreal is the right place for haute cuisine from the exquisite dishes of Les Halle, to the seasoned and delicious variety of the cuisine of Piment Rouge. If you like smoked meats, you can go to Schwartz, or simply enjoy a freshly made baguette from the Premíere Moisson Bakery.




Montreal has three main avenues for those who like bar life. English speakers and tourists congregate in Rue Crescent, which is a very fashionable area.

The highest place of the city and its point of reference is Mont Royal, which is a park with various miles of running tracks and skiing runs, as well as lookout points offering impressive views of the city and the St. Lawrence River.

Other places of great interest to visit are the Basilique Notre Dame and the Marché Bonsecours. There are also walking, bus and boat tours.

Famous for its joie de vie and warm hospitality, Montreal represents jazz, the cinema, humor, dancing, theater and music.

One of the permanent exhibitions in Montreal celebrates the foundation of the city and of the Basílica de Notre-Dame with a spectacular light and sound show.

The city also has 18 miles (30 km) of underground passages and a beautiful casino.






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Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA.