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Seibal and Edzná are the new condominium towers built in accordance with Mayan Island’s exclusive real estate concept, backed by the prestige of the Mayan Resorts chain.

Located on Nuevo Vallarta’s beautiful, charming beaches, they offer the beauty of the sea, ultramodern design, comfort and exclusivity, making them valuable, long-range investments.

Located in an ideal spot only 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport and next to the Mayan Resorts Vallarta golf course, they feature a spectacular view of the Ameca River, the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  



The spectacular Seibal condominium tower could be described as a crystal gem set on the sands of Nuevo Vallarta. Its contemporary architecture, original details and luxurious finishing touches satisfy even the most demanding investors.

The Seibal tower’s eight floors have spacious and luxurious apartments that promise to make any stay at Nuevo Vallarta’s beautiful beaches unforgettable. Each condo offers a unique ambiance created by the fine details in soft pastel shades, the elegant ceramic flooring, the tasteful appliqués of light-toned wood, the American- style kitchen and bathrooms, the walk-in closets, and the enjoyable Jacuzzis. In Seibal you can acquire a beautiful two- or three-bedroom town house-style condo or a penthouse with a private sky garden, pool and a sun deck. The ground floor level of the town house is specially designed for spaciousness as well as an original terraced garden.





In the impressive natural setting of the Bahía de Banderas, Mayan Island Nuevo Vallarta presents Edzná, an exclusive condominium perfect for the person looking to invest in luxurious living. The beach apartments in the Edzná tower feature truly contemporary Mexican architecture. There are spacious three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments surrounded by lush gardens, navigation canals, an interactive swimming pool with indoor Jacuzzis, clubhouse, basketball and paddle tennis courts, indoor parking, beach club, business center, and 24- hour security.

This residential complex offers fresh, avant-garde architecture, as well as common areas with a swimming pool, sun decks and snack bar.



Mayan Resorts

The Seibal and Edzná towers share the exceptional ambiance that envelops Mayan Island real estate developments including the inimitable services available from the Mayan Resorts chain, such as access to the sensational interactive swimming pools, golf course, spa, gym, specialty restaurants and bars.



Only for you

Today, thanks to its tourism infrastructure and the beauty of its surroundings, Nuevo Vallarta is one of Latin America’s most important real estate markets. And, with the advantages of a resort development such as Seibal and Edzná, you will be guaranteed a dream-come-true investment.

Make the most of the special pre-sale offers, starting at 280,000 U.S. dollars, payable in 15 years with no interest.  





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