The future of tourism in Quintana Roo

Located in the beautiful state of Quintana Roo. Marina Cozumel is one of the integral development projects promoted by the major National Fund for Tourism Development, and represents an important effort for the promotion and consolidation of Cozumel as a global tourist center.

Marina Cozumel objectives are clear: to establish a tourism corridor for cruise passengers who disembark on the island, as well as other visitors, in facilities that provide comfort and security in the recruitment of marine services. It poses to contribute to improving the image of the municipality and to integrate the Caribbean sailing circuit, and in addition it complements the supply of tourism on the island to attract new market segments.


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Marina Cozumel is made up of a total area of 43.75 hectares, with just over half the land classified as marketable. With this extension, the hotels and residential offer is multiple, it will total 1622 housing units, of which 572 are designated for hotel rooms, while 525 are projected as residential housing.

Its location is certainly privileged located 8 kilometers from the Cozumel International Airport, with a journey time of just 10 minutes. For visitors arriving at the Puerta Maya cruise port, development is about 100 yards away or 5 minutes.

In Marina Cozumel many recreational activities can be carried out. because it has a beach club, a clubhouse, restaurants, sports facilities and theme park “The Aerolito".

The region has many natural attractions. The zone has a warm temperate climate thus making it a true delight at almost anytime of year. There are also magnificent reef areas, and mangrove forest, which are home to a diverse range of exotic flora and fauna. In the other hand, including cultural assets there is an archaeological site, the beautiful architecture of the region and traditional festivities.

The marina is oneof the most ambitious projects. It has capacity for 333 boats from 15 to 150 feet in length, an area for fuel, dry dock, harbor master, yacht club and workshop area, plus an exclusive 150 nautical service providers.


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Thus. Marina Cozumel project stands as a milestone event for the tourism sector in that region, in Quintana Roo and Mexico.

As a way to make it easier to purchase any of our lots, we give you the following facilities:

1. In our first option, you can cover the down payment on your purchase within 12 months, without payment of interest for this period. The percentage of the down payment can amount to 30% of the total transaction of the amount. The balance to be financed by FONATUR can be covered in a period of up to 8 years after they had completed the total of the down payment.

2. The second option allows you to buy a lot investing initially only 10% of its total value, covering this amount within 30 days without earning interest fees. The balance to be financed by FONATUR can be covered in a period of up to 8 years after they had completed the total of the down payment.

3. In the third option, you can cover the value of the lot in one year, with fixed monthly payments without interest fees.

None of the three FONATUR financing options generate aperture fees.


Text: Amura ± Photo: FONATOUR