The most refined yacht of Riva

After the success of the 115’ Athena, flagship of the fleet since 2005, Riva continues to venture in the mega-yacht segment with a refined model: 92’ Duchess, which is expected to be an even bigger success than previous River Yacht.

There have been a number of improvements and refinements in the design and structure to achieve a much more refined yacht that gives a better performance when navigating. The exceptional quality of work that has gone into this model is characteristic of the work done at Riva. However, the lines and curves of 92 Duchess, “Goes beyond one found in other models, because it achieves a perfect harmony between the design of its profile and the interior design.”

The 92” Duchess is equipped with twin 2218 hp MTU engines and it is 28 meters in length. It can reach a top speed of 28 knots, and a cruise speed of 25 knots, with a 350 mile range at cruising speed; and since 92” Duchess may reach, with a new optional motorization of 2435 hp, a maximum speed of 30 knots and a cruise speed of 27 knots. Two stabilisers ARG 4000  guarantee the stability of the yacht both when moored and when cruising at sea.






This yacht, in addition to the benefits mentioned, has a large windscreen that integrates perfectly with the rest of the vessel, their aggressive lines providing an excellent view and control from the pilot station, whilst the large windows of the upper deck guarantee that as much light as possible filters through to the salon and luncheon area, whilst the large windows of the upper deck guarantee an exceptional illumination. The dining rooms have a chromatic balance between the warm shades of the black American walnut leather, and the white varnished wood of the flooring makes this environment both welcoming and comfortable.

The pilot station is a slightly higher than the average level of the boat to allow a better view. This is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, and features a comfortable dinette for the crew with direct access to the flybridge and galley. Under the pilot station one find the room service area, where additional household appliances can be fitted.





The 92 Duchess can accommodate up to five persons (sans crew). It have three suite rooms that have all the necessary amenities to make the stay pleasure in the yacht. The ample main cabin is located at stern, but separated from the engine room so as to not disturb the rest of the passengers. It is equipped with a private bath with shower and jacuzzi, dressing, toilet and large windows on each side of the room to allow a smooth and natural illumination that provides an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The other two rooms have private bathroom, beds parallel to the side windows that allow the cabin lighting to shine through.

The master cabin has a large teak table which can seat eigth people, thanks to a comfortable sofa and four foldable chairs. To the right of it, is an elegant staircase that leads to the flybridge. It is crowned by a hard fiberglass roof in its sharp lines inclined towards the arch give continuity to the overall profile of the yacht, denoting its elegance and design. Similarly, for its great design allows optimum utilization of light and shadow in the cockpit and in the living room. The central jacuzzi can be replaced by an intelligent mobile bar to separate the terrace of the main room.

In conclusion, all the details that make up this new yacht show that the vast and unparalleled quality of Riva is booming, which will translate to greater benefits for their customers in the future.







2* MTU 16 V 2000 M 92

Speed Maximum speed

28 knots 30

Cruising speed

25 knots 27

Range Maximum speed

310 n.m. 300

Overall length

(standard ISO 8666)

28,23 m. / 75 ft. 6 in.

Hull length

(standard ISO 8666)

28,04 m. / 74 ft. 6 in.

Waterline length

(boat fully laden)

23,01 m. / 62 ft. 8 in.

Max. beam

6,75 m. / 18 ft. 9 in.

Displacement unladen

92,00 ton. / lb. 112215

Displacement laden

103,00 ton. / lb. 128309

Max. number of persons on board


Standard fuel tank capacity

9000 lt. / USgals. 2378

Water tanks capacity

1320 lt. / USgals. 349


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Ferretti Group