From the CRN family we present the Hana mega yacht, a model with a personality and style of it’s own. It’s imposing beauty dazzles with elegance and exclusiveness, trademarks from the shipyard that gives life to this vessel.

In 43mts it holds, distributed in four decks, luxuries that transport this open sea wonder, bringing a new sailing experience. With a 9 guests and 11 crewmembers capacity, interiors and exteriors combine to give life to an authentic masterpiece.

Playing with the balance between perfection and functionality, its hull, of strong appearance, reveals Hana’s identity of mystery and delicacy. Its large windows give it a sensual and lateral touch, while its figure stands out, thank to the key element of this model and to the essence of it’s architecture: the light.


While we go through the exterior, the availability of amenities is a synonym of this M/Y. The sundeck has a very cozy space with sun beds on both sides, a Jacuzzi, two dining tables with semi circled couches, a spacious living room and a bar to make this travesy even better.

The next deck holds the cockpit, equipped with top of the line technology, available space for passengers, bathroom and a radio lounge will guarantee the safety of a CRN. Following to stern we reach the captain’s cabin, the kitchen and a special area for the crew and a 12 people dining room.

It stand out to mention that its interiors follow a very simple line, without falling into the minimalist being a totally modem yacht but without abandoning what is classic.

The main hall has a single space of around 60 square mts, where a 12 people dining room is located. The two areas are divided by a cabinet holding a 42” plasma able to rotate 180°, so it can be watched from both sides.

The Hana has a series of fine materials in smooth tones, falling into the fascination of who ever is sailing it. An arch shaped stairway connects all four levels, where a showcase of light and wood make way to the next deck: the master deck, with a lounge, a living room, a dining room, and the owners cabin. Everything decorated with extreme caution without being repetitive and keeping the elegance. 


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The kitchen, made out of wood and steel, is fully equipped. The owners cabin is worth mentioning with a private study, with an ocean front view thanks to its private terrace, equipped with chairs and a coffee table.

The last deck holds the rest of the rooms, two guest rooms, four VIP rooms, and another room for the crew, four cabins and a lounge, all of them with their own bathroom, a closet, decorations, silk fabrics and luxurious materials.

The journey becomes exquisite with the matching light tones according to every space, leaving a relaxing aroma, ivory colored fabrics, leather on each sofa, silk everywhere, fine wood, everything set to delight even the most demanding eyes with a creative amount of elements. Without a doubt Hana demonstrates the tentative arrival of a yacht with a uniform design. 


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139 ft 9 in


28 ft 4 in


727.500 lbs

Fuel Capacity

11’800 gal

Water Capacity

1’800 gal


2 x CATERPILLAR C32-C 1044


High Speed

15.5 knots

Cruise Speed

13 knots



Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía Palmer Johnson Yachts