The most important Rally for sail cruises in the world, ARC 2008 (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), will celebrate its 23rd edition, de forma uninterruptedly, the next 23rd of November of this current year.

At present, it is the most important event to take sailboats from Europe to the Caribbean and of the safest way, since it counts with a complete organization to give the participants the safety and fun that are required, in a race of more than 2 thousand 700 nautical miles.

There will participate more than 225 sailboats from several nations of the world, they will set sail from Grand Canaria, crossing the Atlantic, to finish in Rodney Bay in Santa Lucía, Caribbean Sea.



In this adventure a sailboat with a Mexican flag will participate, with the support of the Mexican Sailboat Federation (FMV): Bajavento, property of the captain Ignacio Félix, who has several years of experience sailing in Europe in the most important races of that continent and who with the help of Veronique Llosa and Jorge Carranza, will be responsible to carry part of the tactic in the regatta.

The crew obtained the support of the FMV and of the Ocean class in Mexico, with the purpose of joining a professional crew, which takes Mexico’s name at high in the Old Continent, so afterwards it can give Mexico a vessel that navigates the most important regattas in the Pacific such as: The Trans-pac, Cabo Race, San Diego Challenge, and etcetera.

The intention of Ignacio Félix is to dock permanently the Bajavento craft in the Cabos, Mexico, and from there start racing in the most important sailboat circuits of the Pacific.

In future editions we will talk about the experience of the Mexican crew in this tran­satlantic adventure.









Cruise/Racer, similar to a

SWAN, 68 feet


Fatih Gordon (Turquía)


19.96 m


5.4 m




33.37 GRT 26.70 nrt




Text: Jorge Carranza M. ± Photo: Jorge Carranza M. / Sally Collision