Great Britain has perpetually distinguished itself for it nautical tradition, and the Sunseeker is a vessel that has taken this tradition on to the modern world, and to each of the most important nautical centers in the world. Setting this as a precedent, we present the insignia vessel of the firm, the 40 M given the 40 meters in length it features without a doubt the elder brother of the entire line, the largest Sunseeker built to date.

One hundred and thirty-five feet for one to cover, four decks and plenty of details to concentrate on will be the main concerns for the select buyers of one of these marvelous vessels.


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Beginning with the lower deck at the stern, we encounter the ga- rage, able to store two jet-skis and an auxiliary boat. Further in, we find the engine room and stor- age tanks, separated by a sealed and thermal walls from the guests cabins - four, to be precise - with a pair located at the center of the vessel and fitted with Queen size beds, and an adjacent pair fitted with two individual beds. Guests of these cabins will have access private washing facilities. Lastly, the crew quarters are located squarely at the prow, of which the vessel holds four with marked dif- ferences in size and details, yet conceived for the crew to recuperate after strenuous journeys.

Above this we encounter the main deck, the main cabin situated at the prow which, depending on the taste and needs of each particular owner, can be redesigned in three different options. In all cases, the space is ample, and it is fitted with a per- sonal closet, a small living room, and plenty of free space to move around. Making our way to the stem, we find the kitchen, and a dining hall that can seat twelve people. Immediately after this, separated only by furniture - which hides a flat screen inside - we find the living room with two center tables, two sofas for three people, and four individual seats. 


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At the end of this enclosure we find the bar and, passing through a pair of sliding doors, we reach the final portion of the deck, an informal living room to enjoy, for example, a post-dinner conversation while appreciating ones surroundings.

The upper deck has a permanent is designed purely for socializing, an informal dining hall awaits guests at the stern, partially covered by a “sky deck”, across the doors we find a living room facing starboard, and, across this, a bar followed by a table designated for board games. Further in towards the prow, we find a bathroom with views towards port, and, towards the starboard, the cap- tain’s cabin. This cabin possesses direct access to the command bridge, a spectacular space that rattles the imagination.

Without a doubt, the 40M was presented with great flair, making its spectacular debut at the Southampton Show, in Great Britain. As always, the Sunseeker pleases even the most demanding clients.

Lastly, the “sky deck” is an ideal place for cocktail parties, considering the available space, the Jacuzzi on the prow, and a grand bar facing starboard as well as a spacious C-shaped sofa. 


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40.00 m


8.00 m


2.25 m

Water capacity

4,950 l

Fuel capacity

28,710 l


200,600 Kg


1500 millas náuticas (2,778 Km)

Velocidad de Crucero

10 nudos (18.52 Km/h aprox.)

Maximum Speed

24 nudos (44.45 Km/h aprox.)


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Sunseeker