Precise Size

Its dimensions and details make it unique; there is no boat that compares with the Baja 40 Outlaw. Its size and presence on the water attract attention wherever it goes. Its triple engine lets it break the waves with perfect precision thanks to the extraordinary speeds it can reach. A board, this boat has state-of-the-art technology and complete optimum control to guarantee a safe voyage through the waters it sails.

It can carry up to eight people on deck; it has comfortable and spacious seats molded to perfection for six people, including the pilot and copilot. The open-air bridge controls are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the smooth design is totally sporty, and the style of the hull visibly makes it aerodynamic, allowing it to take control of the seas.  On board, the extreme sensation is present at all times.



The white tones of its interior give it an exquisite and ample feeling. The cabin can accommodate four people comfortably; the tones that decorate its highlight the good use of space and the colors contrast well with the elements on-board. The boat has a small galley, a center table accompanied by two long seats side-by-side, both in front of the table and exactly above the small lounge, there are two windows in the roof to let the sunlight flood in and illuminate the whole area. There is a relaxation space at the bottom of the launch, which can be partitioned by simply closing the curtains that decorate it.

The boat is impregnated with the essence of Baja; its quality and distinction are present from the moment you board it. Its construction guarantees perfection and precision so much so that this wonderful 12-meter boat is extreme speed, and its size is no obstacle to sail any sea. It spaces are coordinated in perfect harmony to make use of every corner; while its colors and details reflect the adrenaline and action passengers feel on boarding.

Without a doubt its style is incomparable, since it has everything necessary to be able to enjoy full-on adventure at high speeds under abundant rays of sunlight and the refreshing sea breeze. Despite its size, its quality makes it imposing and its details make it exquisite, in honor of the brand it bears.         







11.79 m / 38' 7"


3.86 m / 12' 8"

Fuel Capacity

150 L / 40 gal

Fresh water capacity

338 L / 90 gal


Yanmar 3JH4E 40hp


Text: Viridiana Barahona ± Photo: Baja Marine Yachts.