A Small Lujo

From a distance, its line gives us a clear idea of what this “small” offering of the yacht builder’s fly line has as a goal. The details are constructed to an excellent level of quality; each step we take, either above or below decks of this beautiful yacht, is preceded by a feeling of tranquility that envelops both the owner and visitors.

From the outside, its general lines give us an idea of its sportiness and robustness. The mirror-finish of the glass give it a slightly retro touch thanks to their black tints, the combination of beige in the finishings of the sun decks and the exterior furniture contribute to the exquisiteness of its appearance, while the white that contrasts with the beige and the woods gives the yacht a touch of distinction that serve as a framework to highlight the less-visible virtues of this yacht.



A little more than 14 meters of “white canvas” it’s sufficient, in conjunction with an excellent design, and incomparable production methodology and incomparable technique, the latest-generation materials and above all the soul of all human labor: passion, all elements that make this yacht a masterpiece.

The interior is not separate from the exterior, they are two elements that, although different, go very well together, like a steak accompanied with a fine wine, as the most-renowned sommeliers say, contrast is the key element to get the best out of the properties of a fine wine.

Below decks, we find light-colored woods that contrast with several dark wooden touches. The distribution is well-planned for ease of movement.  The three cabins are very comfortable: the owner’s cabin has a double bed, two closets; one large, one small, a private bathroom and enough space for large and small items, all meticulously thought out. The other two cabins have twin beds and the starboard cabin has its own bathroom, which is shared by the other cabin. The galley is located in the passageway of the communal areas, which provides access to the upper deck.




Going up the stairs towards the upper deck, we find the breakfast area facing starboard and looking towards the interior bridge.  Further aft to starboard, we find a spacious lounge with “C”-shaped seats around the center table opposite a bench-type sofa. In the exterior part of this deck, there is an open-air bench where we can relax outside.

Azimut does not skimp on extravagance when introducing its new family member.  The 47 was launched at the 2006 Genoa International Boat Show, where amidst bright lights and all the charm that surrounds these important events, the yacht was unveiled to the admiration of the visitors and the envy of the competition.         











Fuel capacity

400 gal

Water capacity

130 gal


2 X CAT C9 6L
2 x 423 HP

Displacement (fully laden)

40,786 lb

Cruising speed (half laden)

25 knots

Maximum speed

25 knots


Text: Edmundo Eguiarte ± Photo: Azimut Yachts.

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