A Majestic Breath of Air in the Desert


What can one say about a boatyard that has spent more than 130 years in boat and ship building with a mere 13,000 vessels manufactured and with the firm idea of its founder, Friedrich LUrssen, that the LUrssen brand must be recognized both for its quality and its performance. This tells us about a revolutionary mentality of the 19th century that was so true that to date it continues to be an operative company worthy of admiration; few companies can afford the luxury of transcending various generations. Given this, it is clear that we are not talking about a boat made on a whim and with no knowledge.


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We could begin by describing it as a master piece, magnificent in all aspects, from the technology that is subtle to the aesthetics, nothing on board this yacht is left to chance. The exterior reminds us of a commercial cruise ship but close up it becomes obvious that it is a luxury for a select group of owners. White, with clean shapes slightly modified to give space to the passageways and make full use of the light, leaving us with a balanced outline that denotes care and attention in all aspects related to the construction and finish.

Another point that distinguishes this sea monster, because of its dimensions of course is its flexibility and adaptability; for example, the upper stern deck can be used as a rest area for sunbathing, as a dining area or even as a heliport. The areas of the vessel are various depending on the owner’s requirements.


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Once aboard we can concentrate on spoiling the senses throughout the length and beam of this vessel because everywhere there are refined features and state of the art technology used for both the construction and for the delight of the guests. In total, excluding the crew’s accommodation, there are six cabins besides the owner’s cabin which has an office separated by the passageway. The cabins are divided into three, one with a kingsize bed and two with queen size and one with twin beds. All the cabins boast the fine quality materials with all the extras and gadgets for entertainment, as well as their own private bathrooms.



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The crew’s accommodation, as with all mega yachts, is generous; there is room of 15 crew members. Obviously everything on board this palatial vessel is enormous, even the storage space is immense, a refrigerated warehouse. The crew cabins also have all the amenities for real relaxation in their free time.

The owner’s cabin deserves special attention because it is a “point apart” in many aspects.




Once inside, it becomes evident that the space is considerable as well as making full use of the space because it occupies the entire beam port to starboard of the vessel. The bathroom is a sight to behold, crafted in marble with a very good combination of wood, glass and other finishes that give it a very pleasant appearance.

This small “oasis” has a discothèque and a gym on the upper deck. It is worth mentioning that many of the pieces of art are the product of a link between the development team and the owner in order to guarantee a product that satisfies all client requirements. Returning briefly to the outside, we find two “auxiliary launches” or tenders for going to shore when there is no marina to moor vessels of this size. 


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194’ 11” 
37’ 6” 
11’ 6”
Full Load
 2’ 336, 900 lb
Fuel capacity 
32, 995 gal 
Fresh Water Capacity
 28,000 L
2 x Caterpillar 3512 B
2 X 1, 957 HP
4,500 nm 
Max. speed
16 knots
 Cruising speed
12 knots 


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Klaus Jordan