Living Red Passion

Even the not so expert in aesthetics will clearly notice the spirit of this yacht beginning with the color of its hull, red, which evokes the most exalted feelings of passion, speed and beauty.

This serves to manifest the initial conception for this yacht: to represent the tradition and distinction of a type of vessel which only the lucky few can afford, motor yachts. Comfort, luxury and space are the premises on which, day after day, the idea that is now a reality, was conceived, the FERRETTI ALTURA 690. A yacht that conjugates the best of all the aspects necessary to make it stand out from the crowd, so to speak; technology, beauty, ergonomics, practicality, power, maneuverability and space are just some of the adjectives that leap to mind to describe it.




The interior finishings are, as would be expected, of the highest possible quality. There is a high use of contrast of tones, midtoned woods combined with white fabrics and marble in the bathrooms, making below decks a pleasure for the sight and the rest of the senses and if we add the passion for the sea, we might say that we were in paradise.

The yacht is divided into three cabins, one in the bow, the VIP, with its own bathroom, a double bed, two closets, storage space under the bed and entertainment equipment. To starboard, from the bow to the stern, we find another cabin, also with its own bathroom and two single beds. Amidships, we find the crew cabin between the galley, the second cabin and the engine room.

Another feature that sets this yacht apart from the rest is that the owner’s cabin is located in the stem, separated from the others. This difference gives it more space, as well as a detail that denotes that this vessel is designed for the discerning who appreciate the better things in life, which is the window that offers a spectacular view of the sea, or the river, since the vessel can be adapted for sailing on inland waterways.




The galley is to port opposite the 2 single bed ded cabin and has all the implements and utensils required by the most expert cook or even a child to let loose their imagination and prepare dishes in the utmost comfort.

Outside, as we described earlier, pays homage to the good life, from the exterior dining area at the stem to the sun deck on the bow, passing by the elevated bridge, there is a single premise: enjoy life to the full whether at sun rise, a sunset or at midday under the splendor of the sun’s rays, the entire exterior invites us to have a good time.

We are surrounded by comfort wherever we are on board; two seats on the bow, together with a small table provide the perfect scene for a good after dinner chat alter a long day’s activity. 



68’ 11”
18’ 1”
Fuel capacity
836 gal
Freshwater Capacity
218 gal
(option 1)
2 X MTU 1102 CR
(8V 2000 M92) 2 X 1100 HP
(option 2)
2 X MTU 1102 CR
(8V 2000 M92) 2 X 1218 HP
Full Load
39,200 kg / 86,421 lb
Max. speed
(option 1)
30 knots
(option 2)
32.50 knots
Cruising speed
(option 1)
27 knots
(option 2)
29 knots



Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Ferretti Yachts