Surprising versatility and equipment

This yacht is proof of what good design can do even for small vessels. The flagship boat of the Sovran range even has space for a wetbike in the stern, above the swimming plat- form. It looks like a fishing boat, and it could be, but it is better described as an all purpose yacht, from its interior, its exterior and its general ambience. Its design is sporty and elegant at the same time; there are many outstanding exterior features, the lines of the hull break with the monotony of white and at the same time do not affect the harmony of the design or the general appearance of the yacht.



 At the stern, part of the deck converts into an outside table making full use of every corner of the vessel and all areas can be utilized depend- ing on the needs of the moment or occasion. Passing to the cockpit, we find an “L” shaped couch and a small snack table and forward, to starboard, there is the wet bar and the bridge with a comfortable 2-seater bench. In conjunc- tion, it is a vessel that is perfectly balanced between technological sophistication, luxury and power.

No less can be expected from the interior, with its good distribution. In the boas, we find the owner’s cabin with a double bed, a full bath- room and enough space for hanging clothing, as well as all the amenities and luxuries one would expect in this economic sector. Leaving the main cabin, we enter the dining room that also has two individual chairs that complete the utility when this area is converted into a social area. Further aft we find, to port, the galley with enough space to store food and the utensils required by the most demanding of chefs, as well as coming equipped with a large Sub-Zero® refrigerator. The guests’ cabin is to starboard, which has its own bathroom that functions as the communal bathroom during the day. This cabin has two bunk beds that make maximum use of the space available.

Its dynamic handling is precise and delicate. One can rely on its hull, whose rigidity and design make all voyages a pleasure, whether at high or low speeds, which offers a level of com- fort that is rarely found in many other brands.

It is thanks to all the effort invested in the details of this yacht. All the screens are LCD, the audio, DVD and on-board entertainment is from BOSE® and the decks in many parts and even the flooring are Corian®. 



Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Tiara Yachts