Beaty and Harmony

The Lazzara 110c, with its sporty design, is distinguished by its luxury. Just looking at it gives us an idea of a maximum exponent of comfort and quality for the high seas.

The bridge, with its seven control screens of the highest technology, has two comfortable leather seats that are specially designed to guarantee maximum rest and relaxation while sailing the seas, as well as a guest’s chair and a small center table. All this luxury is surrounded by marble-colored finishings that contrast with the black and bone-colored finishings.

On entering the main lounge, the delicate touches and the use of fine colors help to create a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.



The lounge, with its light-colored tones, is spacious and has a three-seater sofa, as well as a two-seater and an armchair, which make it perfect for relaxing. To one side, there is a bar to entertain guests, with a card table in front to spend time playing. Completing this marvel, there is an elegant dining room for 6, in which the distinguishing feature is the use of wood.

The luxury continues in the fully-equipped galley with a large refrigerator, a curved table for four diners, which is a distinctive feature of these yachts, a bar for dishes or drinks and a sink. The concept of the galley is fresh, mixing wood and marble and the delicate cream tones that provide a pleasant atmosphere at all times.





The cabins are majestic. The master suite has ample space, perfectly matching furniture, exquisite lighting and a bathroom that oozes luxury in every detail. The three VIP cabins and the crew cabin also enjoy the same level of comfort. The carpet used in this model is stain-proof.

The hull of this Lazzara has side-to-side portholes and its beauty stands out for the contrast of its colors. The yacht also has an extraordinary exterior area to enjoy the breeze and the sunshine in total comfort. Without a doubt, it is very easy to relax and succumb to life at sea.     




Text: Viridiana Barahona ± Photo: Lazzara.