The National J24 Class Championship was held from March 29 to April 1, 2006 at the Coporito Marina in Valle de Bravo. 

After much waiting and preparation by the competitors, a total of 36 yachts assembled at the starting line, making this regatta one of the largest and most important in the J24 class for many years.  The winners were the yachting teams that didn’t make any mistakes and adapted well to the weather conditions. 

Eight regattas were held during the three-day event, all in very different conditions. With winds of between 4 and 12 knots, with peaks of 13 knots and variations of up to 25 degrees in the wind direction, the spectators in the tender launches were able to enjoy a real show. The spinnakers covered a large part of the lake, giving it a spectacular appearance.




The first four places were decided on the last day, which finished with only four points’ difference between them. In order to select the first place winner, one has to remember that there was a draw, so the finishing place in the previous regatta was taken into account.

This championship was the first of three to be held at Valle de Bravo to decide which yachts will qualify to represent Mexico in the World Championship to be held in Puerto Vallarta in March 2007.  




Text: Manuel Villareal ± Photo: Mario Ramírez.