Strenght and comfort

Considered to be the creator of the trend, "The Italian style of the lobster boat”, the Mochi Craft, of the Ferreti group division, is the combination of marine spirit with a passion for sailing, mixing the old with the new and strength with functionality.

The Mochi art has had great success and has been acclaimed with good reviews because all its models have exceeded all expectations.

Within the fleet of yachts that the distinguished Italian brand offers sea lovers, we find the unmatchable 74' Dolphin. Born to sail the open seas, this beautiful model guarantees its guests freedom of movement in any corner onboard.



You will be surprised inside by a truly luxurious and comfortable cabin, the main suite. A jacuzzi located right in the center of this cabin, a bathroom made of mosaic, furniture and accessories all made from the most prestigious materials, truly delicate and fine colors that give the yacht a touch of luxury in all its parts.

There is a dining room for 8 diners and in front there is a small lounge with three sofas, two individual chairs and one for 4 or more people with an accompanying center table.

The galley also has everything necessary to surprise guests with the best lunches and dinners. Below deck, there is the VIP guest cabin with all possible comfort and luxuries.





With its aerodynamic lines, the 74' Dolphin does not lose its characteristic style with sufficient exterior space to be able to admire the view from any point. It's hull is special thanks to its rounded form, unique to the Mochi style, its windows are an unmistakable characteristic that make a strong impression from the outset, one of which surrounds the internal helm seat and provides a spectacular broad forward view when sailing while the side windows allow the guests to admire the sea which they enjoy from the onboard luxury.

The yacht has an exterior area for multiple uses equipped with a center table surrounded by a comfortable white leather couch that goes around the edge of the area making it into an open air room, which is protected by an electric sun shade. This yacht is the example of European style and design, the main characteristic of the well-and Italian brand that thanks to models like this, is considered as one of the best worldwide manufacturers.







22,56 m / 74 ft 0 in


6,85 m / 22 ft 6 in

Fuel Capacity

5,500 L / 1,453 gal

Water Capacity

990 L / 262 gal


MTU 12V 2000 M91

2 x 1.522 M HP

Maximum Speed

32 Knots

Cruising Speed

28 Knots


Text: Viridiana Barahona ± Photo: Mochi Craft.