Class and sportsmanship: The intense pleasure of yachting

The Ferreti shipyard takes a contemporary reinterpretation of its predecessor, the Pershing 80, with the innovative Pershing 82. It long, slender superstructure enhances its sporty and elegant style. It incorporates a Sun Deck area that can also be used to relax  and, of course, with the option to enjoy the ship and the horizon from the exterior.

The design of the Pershing 82 is the joint work of Fulvio De Simoni, in collaboration with AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), which is the Center for Research and Design of the Ferretti Group) in addition to a team of architects and professionals from the Ferrettigroup Style Centre.

The access to Sun Deck is another innovation. It presents a carbonate stair way and an  automated hatch, which is decentralized and drops automatically by an electro-hydraulic mechanism in the cockpit, and automatically disappears when lifted  to close the hatch, thus freeing up space in the cockpit.



Thus, the Sun Deck is simple and functional. The retractable helm has two comfortable longue armchairs that flank the driver’s seat. Next to it, a convenient minibar is available to guests. To make this area even more enjoyable, there are two lounges with separate and folding backrests and two lateral areas highlighting the full integration with the external lines of the ship.

The aesthetic details that have distinguished the Pershing models, such as their large windows, the wide retractable door which are made of strong high vacuum fiberglass separating the living area to the high-tech command, are emphasized in this unique yacht sporty elegance.

The Pershing 82 has a length of 23.99 meters and a beam of 5.5 m. The four cabin area is accessed through the above described stairway, located near the dashboard.

The master bedroom, located at the amid ship, has a large window which allows for the appreciation of the exterior in all of its glory. This aesthetic innovation is part of the features of the new range of Pershing. The result is the enhancement of the tones and textures of the Poltrona Frau brand leather furniture, like the completely leather covered headboard.

The leather upholstery embellishes the rest of the furniture, the desk; the “puff” and the rail are hand stitched. Another highlight is the particular position of the 32 “ TV screen, embedded in a compartment with an electrical control which slides up and down to hide or display, depending on the mood.




The bathroom has a glazed glass sliding door. It is built with mosaic Starlight glass, which captures the tones of the leather items the owner has chosen for the master bedroom.

The VIP cabin is located at the bow. It is equipped with a large window and an even more grandiose view. Such scenic surfaces are characteristic of this new range of Pershing yachts, allowing entering a nice natural light that matches the leather furniture built to suit the owner.

The other cabins, are also located at the bow area. They feature double beds of standard design, but obviously, Ferretti would fulfill the desire of the owner if he prefers to modify the design and have three cabins, one of them, with it’s own living room movie theater at starboard, and two crew cabins. The latter option devotes a cabin for the captain and one for the crew, in addition to a bathroom and a laundry room which can be accessed by the kitchen.

At The Pershing 82, the stern garage folds out to make a beach area or to provide  easy maneuvering of  a Jet Ski, comfort complemented by a walkway that gives a singular touch to the yacht.

Its flexibility, elegance and space are features that distinguish the Pershing 82. Another example is the kitchen. Separated from the main living area, it is combined with the crew area for privacy of the guests and owner. The food preparation area, which is in L shape, is completely separated from the cabins. It has a dining room and a folding ladder, which provides convenience and opens spaces, facilitating the necessary mobility.

The power that stirs the Pershing 82 has been achieved by the design of its external structure, which allows efficient performance at sea, and by its two engines: MTU 16 V M93 of 2435 mph (1792 kW) with SR140S SEAREX SR 140S surface propellers ZF, which drive the yacht to a top speed of 45 knots and cruising speed of 40 knots with a range of 300 nautical miles, this allows to enjoy a high level of comfort and wellbeing. The control system Autotrim ZF, cutting edge technology, ensures peak performance of Pershing 82 at any speed.

Fulvio De Simoni, Pershing Yacht Designer since 1985, says: “The design and manufacture of the Pershing 82 is the result of hard team work, focused on the constant search for innovative solutions in furniture and spaces, respecting the key aspects of the brand’s philosophy”.

The result is an iconic yacht that optimally leverages the use of surfaces and heights without betraying the DNA that has brought fame to Pershing in Italy and the world.







Length Overall

91.8 ft


165 ft


2 x MTU 16V 2000 M93 a 2,435 mhp / 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M93 at 2,435 mhp

High Speed

45 knots

Cruising speed

40 knots


63.65 tons

Fuel Capacity

5,950 liters


1,300 liters


Text: Jorge Varela ± Photo: ©Ferretti Group