Sunseeker 105

In the yachting world, “Sunseeker 105” is a synonym for “a future classic.” It is a boat that is distinguished, both for the materials with which it is built as for its technology, while maintaining the characteristic Sunseeker line.

The S105 has been the recipient of numerous awards, each backed by some characteristic that positions it above other yachts. What makes it outstanding is its design, the quality of the materials and techniques used in its construction.



The interiors are extremely spacious, designed for ten passengers and a crew of five. And for a yacht of this size, it offers a wide range of benefits for its passengers, such as maximum luxury, entertainment and comfort. However, the difference is evident in the design and concepts created by engineers, naval architects, designers, decorators and all the professionals that make up the Sunseeker team and who give life to a yacht like this one. The future owner of this yacht can choose from several features, including finishes and type of engine to make it adapt to his or her needs and tastes. Among its outstanding characteristics are three distribution options: a) a main deck with a large saloon and a separate breakfast room, b) a combination saloon-breakfast room with more space for guests, and c) a stateroom for the proprietor on a separate level, that includes an enormous suite with a private sitting area.

Furthermore, in the engine room there are two configurations to choose from that will define its maximum speed and range, in other words, its autonomy: two MTU 2000 V16 engines with 1826 ps (1343KW/1800 hp) or two MTU 2000 V16 engines with 2000 ps (1470 kW/1971 hp).

The S105 is a yacht that has broken away from many standards. For example, it is the yacht that broke the 100-foot barrier of the Sunseeker, and especially noteworthy is the way in which it adapts to the current generation and is always looking to the future. And it is a classic, because the Sunseeker has not lost sight of its origins and remains at the top of its class. To sail a Sunseeker 105 is to navigate a “future classic” in everything that is visible… and invisible, as well.













55 t.

Fuel capacity

3904 gal

Water capacity

660 gal


1. 2 X MTU 2000 V16 1826 ps (1343 KW / 1800 hp)
2. 2 X MTU 2000 V16 2000 ps (1470 KW / 1971 hp

Max. speed

30 knots

Cruising speed

22 - 25 knots


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Sunseeker your social media marketing partner