The New Jewel of the House

The name is enough to enhance any yacht that is worthy of calling itself so while fully meeting expectations on performance, efficiency, ergonomics, functionality, economy and environmental care. EGO also means power, freedom and countless characteristics that could be used to define an egoist (in the broadest sense of the word, not the one we usually associate with the concept).

If quality and design is the subject, Riva is one of the most qualified brands to speak of such things and this gorgeous model is no exception.  I prefer the dark exterior version, in black and silver, without straying too far from the traditional exterior in white and blue. The exterior usually is one of the places where designers test their skills and ingenuity to create spaces that, aesthetics aside, will be functional and comfortable. An example of this is the sunbathing area that has a small shade for passengers to protect themselves from the sun’s unmerciful rays, doing away with having to go inside.





On the exterior and to stern, there is a comfortable outdoor bench sofa whose back section has a sunbathing area just over the tender garage. The crew cabin is one of the most versatile areas of        the ship since it functions as a passageway from the interior to the exterior and features excellent views of the deck’s interior, where the control bridge and a spacious living area are located. It is quite clear that no expense was spared on details and materials, including the predominant use of middle-toned woods and ivory and white fabrics.  Once inside, on the lower deck, a cozy living area, with a pleasing ambiance created by polished glass or Plexiglas panels, welcomes us. This area is comprised of a port side living room, with a central glass table, a refrigerator on the other side and, towards the bow, there is a fully equipped kitchen that has been designed to be an integral part of the interior. The VIP stateroom, with a double bed, a large bathroom and plenty of storage space, is on the bow.    





Towards the stern, past the kitchen and the living room, just before the stairs and to starboard, there is an area with two options: it is either a small breakfast room or, by modifying the size of the refrigerator, a cabin with two individual beds and a closet. This cabin shares the deck’s general bathroom. Right in the middle of the yacht is the owner’s stateroom which, depending on the option one chooses, either takes full advantage of the ship’s total width or generously shares some space in order to have another cabin with two individual beds. In either option, the owner’s bathroom remains the same, what changes is the space around the bed because, in the first option, there is a small living room inside the cabin.  

Concluding, it is important to say that this ship, months from its commercial launch, has already been honored with two of the most important European awards, the European Powerboat of the Year and the Millennium Yacht Design Award 2006 (MYDA).     











37.5 t


43.5 t

Fuel capicity

792 gal

Water capacity

165 gal


2 X MAN V12 1550 CRM
2 X 1550 HP

@ Crusing speed

270 nautical miles (500 km)

@ Top speed

240 nautical miles (44.5 km)

Max. Speed

38 knots

Cruising speed

34 knots


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Riva