A real megayate

When you think about real megayachts, only a few brands come to mind, One of them, is Lürssen, the german seal that always has been known for impressing everyone year after year with astounding models, great designs and special features.

Last year, they launched –hand in hand with the Moran Yachts Brokers- the Phoenix yacht, which holds 12 guests and plus owners and and a crew of 16. It could seem excessive but to mantain a ship that reaches the 200 feet mark in her optimal point, you need all the help you can get.

One of the first spaces to impress when you get on board, is the hall, framed by the beautiful stairs of the vestibule, which reaches the four levels, passing by the lower deck of guests, the hall, the gymnasium and finishing in the solarium of the upper deck. Once inside, the Phoenix manages to give that sensation that few boats offer; you can forget for a few moments that you are on board of a yacht and think that your were invited for appetizers in a luxurious mansion, that is the magic of the Phoenix, to turn a pleasure boat into something so friendly and cozy as a country house in the mountains.



On the other hand it is also to notice her elegant inner designs, inspired by the decoration of the Thirties with a modern touch, since each space has an atmosphere and enchantment of its own, the thematic stairs in form of waves, the elevators activated by movement, the plasma screens that are pop out of different compartments at the touch of a button, the Phoenix joins styles without sacrificing technology.

The same care that was put to the inner design, was given to the outer project and the distribution of the spaces, whereas by rule, all boats must be thought to take advantage of each millimeter of space without caring about the owner’s needs, Lürssen thought about giving comfort and avoiding claustrofobia of the guests, but - and this it is very important -, respecting the functionality norm that must reign in a yacht of this category.





Outside, in the upper deck, the jacuzzi-bar offers a not so often seen space in a yacht, a multipurpose area that can be a solarium, ballroom, and the place of encounter to take appetizer in a very special atmosphere.

For many reasons, the Germans are always ground-breakers in different topics, and with the Lurssen Phoenix, they show that the nautical world is also a territory which they know well. The Phoenix is currently cruising the Mediterranean Sea.  






Lenght Overall





12' 4'

Fuel Capacity

10,000 gal

Range (at 30 knots)

7,700 nautical miles


2 x CAT 3508B 1000 Hp

2 xSpecial Craf


Text: Miguel Ángel Castilla ± Photo: Moran Yachts