Perfect lines and outstanding comfort aboard

Sunreef Yachts, while searching for innovation and ease, has decided to create an extraordinary sea masterpiece, the Sunreef 74, a milestone for a new age in the high seas lifestyle. This yacht offers ample personalized rooms and the possibility to be easily handled by just two people, with no complications at all.

The first unit of this model was launched at the end of December, 2014, and their owners, together with another 70 select clients who acquired her to sail from Europe to China, are witnesses to her posh, dynamism and avant-gard in design and technology.



The main purpose of her creators was to endow her passengers and crew with the necessary coziness for any kind of travel, either long or short, the same as for quick trips without a lot of luggage; or for planning out an adventure in an uncertain period of time in order to allow one to explore new and old places, either along the sea shore or offshore; all of these thanks to the adjustments made when she was conceived, for she has a laundry room in the lower deck.

Her sophisticated superstructure has vertical arches and a low freeboard besides curved glass windshields, which make stand out and enhance the magnificent shape the Sunreef has. One cannot leave aside that the sails are handled from the flybridge helm station; this model allows the use of great sails, for the mast has been relocated from the aft in order to increase her potency, performance and balance during the unfavorable conditions that might occur in the high seas.



The structure of the mast, the boom, crossbeams, the superstructure and even the tender lifting arms are built in carbon alloy which make her faster and lighter, preserving her necessary balance. On the other hand, her sports design contributes to increase the speed under the sails and the self-tacking jib facilitates navigation.

This sports specimen has wagered on the space personalization and has convenient corners that can be used and adapt in unlimited forms, offering possibilities that solve and improve the lifestyle of her interiors.

The yacht possesses an exquisite 35 m2 hall with a 360º view of the high seas to enjoy the sunsets and the spectacular panoramic views of the ocean. It is due to this feature she gives the joy of sunlight. The singularity in space adaptation is a feature of the 74, thanks to her distribution. Her hulls are wide enough to contain a 20 m2 main cabin with a king size bed, a closet and a bathtub; two more guest cabins (one 14 m2; for VIPs); ample crew rooms equipped with a double bed and a 10 m2 equipped kitchen.





The vast areas extend over the yacht even in the interior storage space, suited to long journeys; the bow warehouse and the deck cupboards also have such advantage. The exterior storage facility is no less, with an additional locker big enough to keep kayaks and windsurf boards in, the same as other aquatic sports equipment.

Her navigation comfort is an evident luxury featuring her in the category of catamarans, thus praising the benefits that the Sunreef Yachts brand offers; in all the range of yachts it has a its disposition. The Sunreef 74 has been designed for people who wish to go around the globe across the seas and oceans, by giving the necessary facilities to be able to do it. Due to her dynamic design with long hulls, combined with sports lines and the self-tacking jib to ease the navigation, one just needs to turn the wheel and the rest is automatic.




She also has a carbon alloy rolling spar that eases the simplicity of maneuvers, thus inviting the crew to enjoy the views and the tranquility of the sea itself; by removing the need to worry about technicalities or due to an excessive attention to nautical skills.

Sheer pleasure, comfort, posh, make up the perfect conjunction which the Sunreef Yachts designers attained in this masterpiece. Her interior and exterior details move to contemplation and to let oneself go by the unique sensations provoked by the sea or the comfort offered in the inside of the yacht. Up to six passengers and three crew members may live together within her spaces.

In the near future, two Sunreef 74 will be launched as twin catamarans being available to lease as part of the Sunreef fleet. It is worth mentioning that this line has replaced the Sunreef 70, having a brief delivery period of just seven months.







73.82 Ft


34.45 ft


2 x 455 to 2 x 1200 HP

Fuel tank

2 x 660.43 US gal

Water tank

2 x 356.63 US gal



Text: Regina López ± Photo: ©Sunreef-yachts