The Reverie

With its newest jewel –the 55S– Azimut imposes a world class evolution in the design of sport yachts. The new proposal uncovers three cabins in the middle of the ship, where there is more space and stability.

In order to promote the specific characteristics of the S Collection, the Azimut shipyard invested a great deal of energy by giving life to a project with the same innovative force as when it launched the sporty 68S. It was the first Open in history, as it incorporated a sunroof and windows inserted into the hull. Today the 55S surprises, innovates and detonates a revolution that starts below the waterline, specifically in the engine room. It is here where a Volvo IPS-1 Network System is placed, consisting of three 435 hp engines with two counter-rotating propellers, facing the stern.

The decision to use the Volvo Penta System with this unusual configuration was instrumental to the project. The triple installation made possible the reduction of space required for the engines. The vertical transmission allowed the propeller engines to be placed at aft and leave enough room to add a garage which can accommodate a 2.85 m Williams Jet Tender. Its total power 1,305 HP, is combined with reduced weight, by using fiber glass and carbon fiber materials for the large areas of the deck and hull. Above all, thanks to the use of carbon fiber for the structure. The innovation adopted by the shipyard strengthens and lightens the structures by 37%. The use of carbon fiber composite results in a 10% reduction in the weight of the hull.





The athletic performance is displayed in its speed, exceeding 36 knots in sea trials. The arrangement of three engines instead of two provides great advantages in power and weight. The three engines with these features weigh less than the traditional two, they consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions. If an engine breaks down, the ship will still have 2/3 of the total power (with two engines, power is reduced to a half). Each of the three turbocharged engines needs to overcome less inertia than if there were only 2, and respond faster, increasing its sports capability.

Stefano Righini is a long time designer in Azimut. He took the Azimut 55S project as an opportunity to offer a new design that enhances and renews all spaces on board, starting from the stern.

A totally innovative platform for sunbathing which, at first glance it seems common, towers over the sea about one meter. But when you press a button, the L shaped garage door, leans toward the sea. The original platform is submerged into the water and seconds later a new platform (also covered in teak), stands out from the yacht for almost two meters over the sea. To garage or take out the Jet Tender, you can simply place it on the ramp rollers.



On an S Collection ship, it is more appropriate to refer to “inside” and “outside” as two different configurations. By opening the sliding hard top roof, available in fiberglass panels with large glasses, it creates a unique space. This is accentuated by the continuity of design, the style, materials and colors, which are identical in the main room as in the cockpit. The large teak table can be electrically lowered to the sofa level. Place some cushions in the dining area and it will be transformed into a huge space for relaxing and sunbathing.

The main deck is designed in one level at the top, with the aim of achieving greater comfort and security. The absence of stairs allowed the designers to include a sofa facing the bow, in front of the windshield, representing an added value (only in this boat category) with an ideal area for relaxation and sunbathing.

The crew’s cabin is located right in the bow, with access through a hatch located on the main deck. This location gives the owner a greater degree of privacy, preventing the crew to pass by the cockpit when accessing their headquarters. It also offers greater privacy for crew, since this area is less frequented, especially at night. As a result of the crew cabin’s new location, the VIP quarters are right in the middle of the boat, which allows a larger area for each of them, as this is the widest part of the boat, and also the most stable. The luminosity reaches higher levels with the new design of horizontal windows in the hull, as it features a generous amount of natural light in the VIP cabin as well as in the guests cabins.

The master stateroom has also the traditional six windows on each side of the hull, achieving an unprecedented amount of light. The style, clearly sporty, is achieved by the use of strong contrasts of zebrano, a dark wood noticeable by remarkable streaks, creating a sense of depth, and a magnolia tone of capitonné grain buffalo leather, which always ensures the perfection of form.




Length Overall 

17,29 mt / (56\’ 9\’\’)

Hull Length

16,60 mt

Floating Line

13,81 mt

 Maximum Beam

4,75 mt

Maximum Draft

1,14 mt

Displacement (At full load)

22 t 

Fuel Capacity

1600 lt

Drinking Water Tank 

Capacity / Recyclable Water 

Tank Capacity 

590 lt


Water Tank Capacity

225 lt

Recyclable Water 

Tank Capacity

225 lt


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Azimut Yachts