Comfort and control on the high seas

The CRN Shipyard gets ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary. During this celebration, the shipyard will introduce the prototype of their next release, the project named CRN 125 “J’Ade” 60 meters. It is its seventh creation in the mega yachts dimension since 2005, the year in which they decided to enter this market segment. One of the hallmarks of CRN 125 J’Ade its line of displacement made of an aluminum and steel alloy structure.

In turn, the company is building seven yachts under the same combination of metals in their Ancona shipyard located in the port of Marche, Italy. One of them is the CRN 129 80 meters. It is a project that will start in January 2013 and will be the largest mega yacht manufactured by the company. It will be one of the largest events in Italy so far, says Lambert Tacoli, director and CEO of the Italian company.




Additionally, the following models are planned: The CRN 131 74 meters (which along with the CRN 129 80 are designed by Zuccon International Project). The CRN 132 73 meters (Omega Architects); The CRN 133 60 meters (Francesco Paszkowski Design); The CRN 134 55m (Nuvolari & Lenard) - and two 43meters CRN Navetta 43 made of composite material, also designed by Zuccon International Project.

The CRN 125 J’Ade will have a length of 58.2 meters and a maximum width of 10.2 m. This yacht will feature four decks and a sub deck. Thanks to this space, the ship can comfortably accommodate 10 guests distributed in 4 cabins and one Master Suite, along with its 13 crew members. It will be equipped to provide its passengers the unique experience of traveling in comfort, without compromising safety.

Thanks to its design, which will provide space- structure in a single concept, the yacht will be recognizable any time when at sea. The interiors project will be under the direction of Studio Zuccon International Project in collaboration with Centro Stile CRN, while the naval department will be run by the Technical CRN. The vessel is a well-balanced combination of maritime and interiors engineering to deliver ideal sailing and comfort without losing the thrill of being at sea.




The design innovations that the CRN 125 “J’Ade” will have can be found in the open areas which will create an utmost pleasant atmosphere for maritime experience. The Master Suite has a balcony for those who want to enjoy that unhindered visual  of nothing but the blue sky and the calm waters of the open sea. Additionally, the stern hatch will become a platform, as an extension by the water that will make passengers feel the sensation of being in the most exclusive beach that will go with your travelers to whether your destination is.







The windows of the upper saloon, placed at an average height, will offer a wide panoramic view that will make you feel as you almost touch the sea. This mega yacht also will have a flooded garage to be located on the lower deck, which can tender 8 meters without a crane to lift it.  This solution that will be under the baton of Technical CRN will be designed specifically for the CRN 125 “J’Ade” giving the vessel an added value and a touch of exclusivity to its crew.

CRN Shipyard will thus, give us a sample of its half-century celebrations of existence, by making clear its interest in having a good share in the mega yachts  market.






2 MTU 12 V 4000 M 63 1500 kW @1800 rpm


58.2 metros

Cursie Spee

14 knots

High Speed

18 Knots


Text: AMURA ± Photo: ufficio stampa CRN