Fusión de diseño, ingeniería e innovación

CRN, property of Ferretti Group, specialized in 50 to 90 meter aluminum vessels, by collaborating with Zuccon International Project, firm dedicated to nautical design and architecture, has developed three new models, including in them a semi-bespoke products line in order to meet the requirements of an ever more diversified and evolving market.

These are the Expedition Teseo 50 m, the Super Conero 50 m and the Dislopen Special Edition 50m, entirely different from each other, which render and, at the same time, keep the nautical CRN’s DNA with a gamut of innovative solutions and vital elements of the brand.



Certified by Rina and MCA standards, each one of the three projects has got two Caterpillar C32 engines allowing them to reach 15 knots maximum speed and 14 knots cruise speed, which guarantees almost range of 3,800 nautical miles at 11 knots.

 These three products, each highly differentiated, having each her own personal history and identity, express how you may think of obtaining great typological, formal and functional flexibility, while maintaining the vessels’ main technical and structural aspects intact. The  research is anchored in the bottom of the languages that have characterized the history of the vessels; which, at the same time, offer stylistic features able to cope with the unavoidable passage of time”, said architect Giovanni Zuccon.






A cruise through time

Created to go anywhere, she is a timeless yacht designed by Zuccon International Project and managed by CRN; this class 500 TRB, 50 m long and 9 wide cruise, can have four decks with special characteristics, a main cabin, four VIP cabins, besides the cabins of the seven crew members.

The first thing that stands out of this amazing yacht is her great flexibility, offering options for adaptability, depending on the navigation zone conditions; the same as versatility to improve the life on board; besides having the best ecological dispositions up until now.

The Expedition Teseo has three possible design configurations. As for the first design, a beach club on the stern, connected to an open hall with foldable terraces, creates a nice “tender bay”. The lower story includes four staterooms located in the middle of the ship, besides the separated crew lodging. Over the main deck, the stern is used to moor wave runners and other aquatic vehicles; in addition to the auxiliary boat. But this zone may also become a comfortable leisure area while the boats are at sea. The upper deck includes ample sunbathing spaces and a panoramic living room where there is space for an open air terrace.



The second configuration has been conceived to guarantee a great storage and diving zone, for those proprietors who want to spend a long time at sea, not having to step on land. The aquatic vehicles and the auxiliary boat are moored over the stern, at the main deck; once they have been started, this part of the ship can be assembled and enjoyed as a day area. The interior part has been conceived as an ‘open air’ terrace with views of the sea, thus creating a unique space along with the cabin. This deck has two staterooms for guests as well, while the main cabin and the other two cabins are located at the lower story.

Lastly, the third option has a great zone for storage and diving at the stern at the lower deck, including also two guest staterooms and the galley. In this instance, the aquatic vehicles are moored in the same way as in the initial configuration and the interior zone has been designed to be an open air terrace with views of the sea. Over this platform the mess room and the galley are located. The upper deck has a panoramic ‘al fresco’ mess room, the same as a large open air terrace and the main cabin towards the bow.

In the three designs, the pilothouse and the captain’s stateroom are located at the sunny deck; while the team cabins are at the lower story, separated from the guest zone.



Sea Inspiration

This grand class 500 TRB vessel has the same dimensions as the Expedition Teseo and all of the foremost solutions conceived by CRN as well, such as: a special balcony to be enjoyed even if on the move, the same as a terrace open to sea, ideal when the ship is anchored; a beach club at the stern and a float-in garage for the auxiliary sailboat, becoming a unique zone, open and connected to the beach club, thus creating an ample living room area to stay next to the sea.




Bold Seafarer

Under the label ‘Dislopen’, CRN has developed a new design concept that offers a very exclusive way to experience sailing and cruising, by making sure an ever direct touch to the sea, while relying on greater comfort aboard, the same as greater spaces; above all, open air spaces. This 50 m long, 9 m wide yacht has capacity enough to lodge 10 passengers and 9 crew members; with a main cabin lodge plus four VIP cabins and crew rooms. Every one and all of the CRN design solutions are aboard this vessel: balcony, beach club and float-in garage.






164 ft 0.5 in


29 ft 6.3 in

Maximum range

3.800 nautical miles at 11 knots


Text: ± Photo: © FERRETTI GROUP