Asia Boating Award Winner
Best Motor Category

Sunseeker proudly presents its Sunseeker 28 meters (92 feet), the most innovating project to date from English firm. It’s release marks as one of those sporadic moments that revolutionize the nautical industry. The 28 meter is decisively different and radical in its design, beginning with the grand carbon fiber fringe. The crystal is not only the windshield of this large vessel; it covers the entire causeway, providing more space and height to the upper deck. The glass covers the sides of the ships with sliding doors that isolate the interior rooms from the elements. The purpose of the Sunseeker is that the owners and the guests can enjoy panoramic views impossible to contemplate before. There is not a single ship of the similar size that offers this presentation. The 28 Metre is the first of a new and exciting generation. Sunseeker specializes in what the client desires, and always with the highest quality and service. 

The luxurious Sunseekr 28 Metre stands out because of its ample living spaces with impeccable finishing details and an impressive level of luxury and elegance. It is perfect for groups of families or friends seeking to undertake long trips without experimenting fatigue during the journey. The design, on the upper deck and the lower deck, is dominated by straight angles that amplify the space and allow for greater mobility than curved shapes. Furthermore, it achieves a look that is more in par with modern times. The dining room has been completely redesigned. To this is added an outdoor dining area, located at the stern of the vessel. 




Another important aspect to take note of is the new access to the main hall, which is now located on the right side of the vessel. This entrance becomes a balcony that can be lifted or pulled down automatically. As far as the kitchen is concerned, if features all expected amenities, as well as floor-to-ceiling refrigerator, and its large enough to move around with facility in it. 

Entertainment and relaxation is to be found on the flybridge located on the upper deck. Clients will be able to easily choose on whether they would like to have a Jacuzzi, a sunpad, a fully equipped bar, and more in order to fully enjoy time spent with friends and family; the owner may even be able to cook in the electric grill located in this area if he or she so desires.  

As with all the yachts in the firm, the Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht has the capacity to reach a maximum speed of 29 knots, and a cruising speed of 23 knots, given the various engine components that favor its speedy movement through the water. It provides exceptional handling, and a stable steering that has been improved by two control consoles which incorporate the latest in navigation systems. 





The Sunseeker 28 Metre features a deep V-shaped hull, a quality that provides it with the capacity to break large waves. The 28 Metre also has an advantage when it comes to independent navigation: its 9,000 liter tank means not loading up on extra fuel during particularly long voyages. Furthermore, the tank can be expanded upon request.

This admirable vessel features 4 bedrooms with large windows that offer spectacular views and much natural light that is channeled by two staircases. Additionally, each cabin has its own shower and bathroom facilities. The crew rest and sleep in two cabins that share a bathroom and a dining hall.

Clients will be able to select from a wide range of options when it comes to interior decorations, making each Sunseeker unique, as the design is based on the clients instructions. One can choose, for example, the color of hull, the type of materials used for the floors, the type of wallpaper on ceilings and walls, type of wood, upholstery, size and shape of blinder, linens, etc. 

As it is customary with Sunseeker, the 28 Metre features the classical hydraulic platform of excellent size. Finally, the bow encloses the incredible advances seen in this vessel. The area is divided into a dining hall and two sundecks which transform this place into a fantastic lounge to rest in. The real luxury is not the yacht itself, but the experience of being in it.

Sunseeker international is pleased to announce that the Sunseeker 28 Metre won in the “Best Engine” category at the Asia Boating Awards 2012.






Overall Lenght:


Max. Beam:



167,771 lb

 Fuel capacity: 

 2378 US gal.

Fresh-water capacity:

115 US gal.


Twin prop

Engine options:

Up to 3,900 Ps 

Fuel options:


Maximum speed:

Up to 29 knots

Cruising speed: 

Up to 23 knots


Up to 400 nautical miles


Text: Patricio Reynaud ± Photo: Sunseeker