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Azimut’s vision reaches far. This vision supports the development of their projects with the belief that the vast extension of the sea is the perfect place to be with yourself and experience the deep emotions of life. This is the philosophy in which the innovation of their services is based. Each Azimut yacht is “tailored” for each new owner.  That explains why the new Azimut Yachts models reflect a unique creativity that respects the sea, and the sensitivity of professionals who produce these Italian icons of beauty and elegance.

The Azimut 116 is a masterpiece of a yacht that balances harmony, proportion and elegance. Additionally, the large spaces are treated with exquisite grace and style. This 35 meters in length ship, is very solid but agile at the same time, It holds a major bridge designed to let light through the elliptical design windows which run from floor to ceiling.


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The outdoor and indoor spaces are broad surfaces allowing  you  to experience maximum comfort in all areas of the yacht at any time of day. The Solarium has a surface of approximately 70 square meters, hence the light and shade can be adjusted at will thanks to two  “biminis” independent awnings, which are integrated into the “hard top” and are, therefore, also may  be used for navigation.

The the ship summarizes the meticulous work that Carlo Galeazzi invested in interior decoration. The furnishings are finely carved cherry wood and the Wenge shelves accentuate good taste and sophistication. The strict selection of fabrics, is another element that reinforces the distinctiveness of this vessel.

The Exterior of the Azimut 116 features a sleek, stylish design. Her interior spaces allow a great scope for unleashing creativity in space distribution. The yacht’s salon offers the owner 50 square meters available for his personal taste. Therefore any style that is customized, will be the Owner’s exclusive seal , his trademark.


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The Master cabin occupies the front part of the main deck, or in the central part of the lower deck, as desired. In the second case, it will create a personalized space on the main deck that can be customized, as a projection room. Access to the cabin is a private staircase. Either way, you will always have a cabin with maximum space, comfort and light.

The Azimut 116 is a yacht built with that special attention that Italian design places into detail to achieve excellence. It is not only  a question  of beauty, which is obvious in all models, there are other qualities not so evident at first sight, which have brought fame to the  Azimut Yachts signature. They are quality, research and innovation. The sum of these merits is assembled with perfect harmony in ships construction around a high-tech base. The result is a most satisfactory piece that also represents value.

The increasing success that Azimut Yachts has achieved since 1969, the year when then-university student Paolo Vitelli founded the company, has a lot to do with  their approach to the expectations of their customers.

 “One of the first reasons why an owner chooses an Azimut yacht is nearly always beauty. Then, the intrinsic values of the product come into play: its comfort, safety features, level of technology and elegant living solutions. Finally, owners want something more between the time of making their choice and the purchase. They want the boatyard that builds the yacht of their dreams to be able to boast a significant history, to have consolidated a network of services, to reflect a successful image and, above all, to be a sound company. In all these aspects, Azimut Yachts can deliver results and guarantees of a true industry leader.

“A luxury yacht has value if that value is long-lasting. If its beauty can challenge the seasons. If its style is a source of inspiration for those who are passionate about the sea, and not just a fashion follower. The design of Azimut yachts shapes the Italian essence behind the brand. Each model in the Azimut range reflects the attention to detail and the style excellence of Italian manufacturing.” - Azimut Yatchs.

The strength of this statement launched by Azimut Yachts is strengthened by the fact that the company has integrated the widest and most professional sales network of luxury yachts in the world.






116’ 6’’


7.40 m / 24’ 3’’

Water capacity: 

2,800 l / 736 gal

Fuel capacity: 

4,700 gal


2 X 2434 MHP (1790 KW) 

MTU V 16 2.000 M93

Maximum Speed: 

28 knots


Text:  Augusto Otaduy ± Photo: Azimut Yachts