Its amplitude alows long journeys without fatigue or stress.

The Predator 64 is 20 meters long. It provides the option to configure to the needs of its owner and a high degree of flexibility for you to enjoy each of your walks or trips. Its design has been conceived with an emphasis on providing a sense of openness, space and light, which flows through the windows with their ¨ sea-light” features in the main guests cabins. It has three bedrooms to accommodate six adults and an independent one to accommodate the crew. The one detail that perfectly exemplifies the ingenious design of Sunseeker, is found in the Predator 64.  It is a ship which offers elegant accommodations, comfortable furniture, and a fine aesthetic. And all this, fitting the style of each of its owners.

One of the options the Sunseeker has to offer  its customers is the ability to  modify the cabin’s starboard Pullman to create a lower deck saloon. It also has the possibility of creating in it, a single cabin for the crew without sacrificing storage space. All cabins are equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, etc.. The catalog from which one can select the furniture fixtures and equipment is very ample and according to the tastes and needs of the customer. Always, with the quality imposed by the Sunseeker brand.

Something amazing is the ability to cruise of the Predator. With its 20 meters length allows you to navigate for hours and sustain long trips without the guests experiencing fatigue or despair, due to the fact that  it is equipped with the latest technology. The 1100 HP diesel engines  drive the boat at a cruising speed of 28 knots, with enough power to reach a maximum speed up to 35 knots. Its maneuverability is exceptional, its handling sensitive and its range is unmatched by any boats of this type.

One of the more impressive characteristics of the Predator 64 – which no other boat of its size has achieved-, is an indoors/outdoors room, it is ideal for fun and entertainment in an ambience of luxury and pleasant emotions. This is made possible thanks to the sliding doors and a hard top, which can be removed automatically in seconds allowing to enjoy the ship’s speed and the sun, or enjoy the comfort that an enclosed place provides for resting.

The Predator’s spacious lounge measures 4.66 meters wide. It has  “L” shaped armchairs, which provides for more free space for hosts and guests, along with the ease of movement around the ship.


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At Aft , there is also a nice outdoor area, very suitable for sun bathing or relaxing with friends or family. The bow is another very important point of the Predator 64. Sunseeker has always been known for having a huge wide bow tip, where guests can enjoy sailing with spectacular unobstructed views of the ocean, while being wrapped by the sun rays. Understandably, the level of comfort on board is very high and is supported by advances in design and technology.

The  Predator 64 design of  both  the main deck and bottom, is based much more on angles. This frees space and provides ease of movement on all decks.

In the kitchen there is much more to enjoy aside delicacies. It has ample space for starters, followed by its double height ceiling and an abundant natural light coming cheerfully through the windshield. No less important, is the size of the 3 bedrooms. The VIP room has the benefit of the greater length in the hull; it has a queen size bed and a spacious bathroom. The ship’s design also gives the option to shorten the size of this room to add a second dining room or a lounge, It is clear that the room itself is enhanced by technology. The master bedroom has large windows that provide stunning lighting inside. Its height and size were designed to be large enough to accommodate a couch and a large closet.

Sunseeker’s flexibility allows you to customize the main features of their ships according to the preferences of their customers, one by one. The combination of  options is a result of a huge number of possibilities. With a variety in color of the helmet, the type of exterior and interior floors, designs in ceiling and walls, type of wood, furniture upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, blinds, It is endless. Sunseeker knows well that there are very different  tastes within it’s clients, and it has everything to satisfy the most demanding.



Length overall:




Maximum draft


Displacement at half load

74140 lb

Fuel capacity

793 US gal.

Water capacity

185 US gal.


Twin fixed-pitch propellers



Generators – Standard

1x 9KW @50Hz 230v Una fase 

(Euro) / Single phase (Euro)

1x 10KW 60Hz 120/240v Una 

Single phase (US)

Maximum speed:

Up to 35 knots

Cruising speed:

28 knots

Text:  Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Phjoto: Cortesía de las marcas