The new Sunseeker 40 Metre Yachts was designed for those who enjoy independence and liberty while sailing. Featuring insuperable levels of luxury and comfort, this impressive and novel concept from the Sunseeker brand was conceived, designed and built for those who wish to know and enjoy this world as seen from the ocean. 


The model 40 Metre Yacht clearly defines the progress achieved by Sunseeker throughout the years: a yacht with elegant lines with a long bow stroke, structural lateral profile, and a subtle cascading stern, structured in 3 decks, which was an achievement unheard of at Sunseeker. The designers had in mind a perfect equilibrium between classic and contemporary that the owner can enjoy, and guarantee that his investment is protected in spite of changing trends. The 40 Metre yacht is truly the most exceptional of the Sunseeker fleet.







The 40 Metre features spacious halls and living quarters that can easily house up to 12 guests, allowing, as well, for the crew to move swiftly and discretely throughout the vessel. The vessel includes 5 fully-equipped cabins that offer absolute privacy; each one houses its own bathroom, furniture, TV, etc...The main cabin is found on top of the main deck, on the foremost side of the vessel. It houses a spacious bathroom, and a balcony at the side of the boat, which can be lowered or raised automatically.  It also features an additional balcony with equal functions on the main deck.

Outside the main cabin, one finds a stairway that leads to the upper deck, where the command module, the captains quarters, another spacious hall with bars and stools, as well a game table, ideal for creating unparalleled resting opportunities with ones family, as well as for hosting social events, can be found. Outside, on deck, we find a another spacious setting ideal for outdoor meals. 



Enjoyment out in the open sea and utmost relaxation can easily be found in the impressive Flybridge. Given that it features multiple and spacious enclosures, the 40 Metre gives the owner the opportunity to have a drink at the bar, sunbathe, or rest in the Jacuzzi, which can be installed in the back or the front of the Flybridge.

Furthermore, the yacht offers numerous entertainment options. For example: fishing and SCUBA gear, as well as other aquatic equipment. It also features a garage for jet ski storage, or a small boat, that can be used for fishing, amongst other activities. 

One of the most notable characteristics of the Yale Sunseeker 40 Metre is that, as the name suggests, a great deal of light passes through its interior. The cabins on the lower deck feature large windows that offer panoramic views, which allows guests to sunbathe even while inside their cabins. Other characteristics found in the cabin include high-tech equipment such as Touchscreens that control the light, audio, television, screens, ventilation, etc.

To become acquainted with the necessities of this yacht, the Sunseeker brand designed, built and equipped the 40 Metre Yacts under the most technologically advanced standards. It provides excellent handling by way of a sensitive rudder, and its range is unequaled when compared to other vessels in its class. By way of experience, Sunseeker had already developed a CEV hull that offers superb navigation, its cruising speed reaches 22.6 knots, which can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots. 




Few brands can boast that they are the world-renown: Sunseeker is one of them. Given its international influence, part of its success resides in its commitment to create new standards and points of reference, in its unwavering power of innovation, in its unrelenting pursuit of excellence, all which translates to a nonconformity with being “second best” in its class.

For those interested, numerous interior arrangements can be chosen, given that all Sunseeker yachts are groomed to the owners specifications; so the possibilities are limitless. One can choose the color of the hull, the type of exterior and interior floors, wallpaper, type of wood and furniture, the styling of the drapes, bedsheets, in short... a sea of possibilities, at your fingertips! 



Length overall:


Beam maximum:


Maximum draft:



415,800 lb

Fuel capacity:

6,224 USgal

Fresh-water capacity:

1307 US gals


Twin fixed-pitch submerged propeller



Max. speed:

25 knots

Cruising Speed:

22.6 knots


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Nautikos