The exclusive titan

Betting on a classical and artisanal future, one that goes beyond fashions and trends, Monte Carlo Yachts celebrates its first five years of existence by launching the MCY 105, the largest and most luxurious ship built to date by this European shipbuilder. With this vessel, Monte Carlo Yachts is defining and projecting its DNA into the future.

The launch event of this ship was held at a unique and glamorous location in Venice, followed by the Cannes Yacht Festival, the Monaco Yacht Show, and the International Nautical Salon in Geneva. The vessel won several awards and recognitions, including the Most Innovative Yacht Trophy at the 2015 Cannes Boat Show, the Design Award at the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Category, in 2016, as well as the Yacht and Aviation Awards in Interior Design category, also in 2016.








The Italian design firm Nuvolari Lenard was responsible for both the exterior and the interior design of the vessel, and which can be attested by its impeccable distribution of materials, lighting, and classic detailing. It is not easy to describe this prodigy of naval architecture, as it integrates some of the finest elements into a perfectly proportioned profile, one that balances sportsmanship and sculptured style.

One look at the main cabin will leave guests mesmerized, as we are dealing with not only a refined nautical mansion with immense windows that provide incredible views, but also a panoramic roof; it is a space created to please each and every special guests, who will bask in every detail made for maximum comfort.

The teak and oak used for flooring has been given an artisanal twist and features no artificial finishes. The African leather has been encrusted with bronze. Bathrooms are divided by a weaved panel that substitutes for a solid wall. It is dynamic, and of great taste; useful, aesthetic, and without precedent. Furthermore, the vessel can be customized with a selection of drapery and materials from such firms as Hermès, Poltrona Frau, Armani, and others.








The voluminous interior is the product of the much-explored and dominant aerospace designs, which have become the trademark of Monte Carlo Yachts. Without a doubt, we are faced we a vessel that represents the absolute best in the nautical scene, not only in Italy, but in France as well; it is a European vessel that proves to be the epitome of naval refinement. Additionally, the vessel has been outfitted with carbon fiber and Kevlar, which reduces weight, increases speed, and lowers emissions.

Living spaces in and around the yacht are magnified by the instalment of a Portuguese deck, and a flybridge outfitted with a carbon fiber roof.

The flybridge features two tables, an outdoor grill, and a bar at the lower end of the bow, as well as two lounge rooms for sunbathing. The hull and the rest of superstructure showcase the iconic design of this Monfalcone shipbuilder.

This is luxurious and exclusive yacht that is consolidating the future of this enterprise while showcasing the versatility that lies ahead. Without a doubt, Monte Carlo Yachts is a novel institution of the nautical world.




2 x MTU 16V 2000 M84 2200 hp (V-Drive) /

2 x MTU 16V 2000 M93 2400 hp (V-Drive)


32.26 m /105'84"


7.12 m /23'36"

Fuel tank

12000 l / 3170 US gal

Water tank

2000 l / 528 US gal

Maximum speed

Up to 27 knots


Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: MONTE CARLO YACHTS 105