Redesigning how to sail the seas

Recently, CRN Yachts made it latest project known: a 55 m yacht equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an innovating designed that will certainly break ground in the mega-yacht industry.

The ship’s exterior was designed by Nuvolari Lenard studio, formed by engineer and naval architect Carlo Nuvolari, and designer Dan Lenard, both renowned figures in the luxury yacht industry. The interior design was managed by Gilles & Boissier -- formed by Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier -- and which is highlighted here by a unique spatial fluidity, colors, and intuitive elegance. The CRN shipyard, with 132 years of experience in the industry, was in charge of the construction and naval architecture of the ship.








This extraordinary group of creative individuals has succeeded in placing the most technological advanced yacht at sea. Every part of it, from the powerful Caterpillar engines to its sophisticated and comfortable rest areas confirms this.

The hull has been painted in black matte and gray tones, alluding to the style of military vessels. This also gives the vessel a sporty touch that was inspired by the fastest vehicles in the world. These elements, amongst the many that we will describe shortly, fuse to give shape to the newest model of the Italian shipbuilding company. The majestic London Atlante Superyacht will make it possible for its exclusive clients to customize it and designed it according to their wishes, down to the last detail. In this manner, the will acquire a masterpiece of comfort and luxury.

The main deck will invite guests to enjoy the warm climate while resting on one of the many cots. Additionally, it features a hidden table that can be revealed at the touch of a button; perfect for family reunions, or a delicious candle-lit dinner under that stars.

At the stern, guests will find the astonishing beach club, where they will be able to pamper themselves at the spa, or hit the gym to stay in shape during their voyage. A recreation room on the upper deck features an imposing cinema-quality screen. It is an ideal space that can be tuned into an outdoor facility for evening parties.










The main cabin is exquisitely furnished. Floors, walls, and ceilings are all built with marble (of which 20 tons were used in the interior designed). Guests can also relax and enjoy a pool and hot tub located on the terrace, built around a frame of steel and glass. These materials were used extensively on the ship.

The upper deck is large area equipped with sofas, which allow guests to enjoy the fascinating sea life while shielding themselves from the sun. The ample windows provide a clear view of the multiple wonders of the ocean.

The builders, designers, and owners of this yacht imbued it with a unique personality, difficult to reproduce, not only material-wise, but also in the range of spaces that have been created, and the state-of-the-art technology that has been invested on the ship. It is a grand maritime mansion for those who plan on spending long times at sea.











54.8 m




10.2 m


Caterpillar 3512C


Nuvolari Lenard

Passenger Rooms


Fuel Tank

120,000 L

Water Tank

30,000 L


Text: CRN ± Photo: CRN your social media marketing partner