The tradition of know-how

Following the maxim: “Luxury is not about styles or trends, it is about how to make, the tradition of doing the right thing”, by designer Marty Lowe, the Sanlorenzo SL94 offers a balance between materials, color and texture that is a warm atmosphere to enter the sea waters.

With over half a century of experience, elegance and popularity Sanlorenzo shipyard is perceived internationally, in Italy is recognized as the best brand of yachts, despite being a firm that produces less than 30 copies per year, is the third largest shipyard in the world on yachts over 80’. Internationalization is the focal point and this personalized service in SL94 is manifested in the decoration, materials, art, furniture, ceilings, fabrics, lighting ... the SL94 is customized in such a way that is almost hand made.

A deep and thorough analysis of the concept led to the Technical Department to develop this project with full respect for the values and traditions of Sanlorenzo, based along the time line stability of the yacht, becoming an icon of the business yachts.







Outside, elements are distinguished such as the rectangular hatches, the large windows of the main deck, the mighty pillars supporting the stern of the flying bridge; that can be painted the same color. There are actually two versions: a hard-top, covering the part of the flying bridge, and another with radar arch and canvas top.

Its main feature is the flying bridge, which is much larger than yachts of similar size, is largely decorated and furnished to taste, allowing convenient use of the area, clear windows that facilitate an unrestricted view of surrounding landscape.

The most important technical innovation is the configuration of the stern: the mirror hides a large garage. The Technical Department managed to place it through a innovative system. Sanlorenzo chose this solution to maximize interior volume without affecting the engine room. The submersible platform moves up and down to help boarding guests and water toys.

On this page, picture bottom left, you can enjoy the interior design work of Marty Lowe and on the previous page the decoration made by Studio Francesco Paszkowski Design. Fot the first one, the owner selected a modern and sober style, enriched by a wide variety of materials, the natural coating was treated three-dimensionally: the screens are made of oak and panels are coated with metal shades.

A great focal point are the skin mesh fabrics that adorn the polished backs of the chairs and referring to finishes of the finest craftsmanship, which also include a touch of modernity by stainless steel accents that support and frame the structure. This complements perfectly the furniture, distributed to promote the pleasant sensation of inhabiting a space of ultimate luxury.





The large hall on the main deck is lit naturally by windows wide and is completely separate from the dining room by the stairs leading to the lower deck is the most intimate place for relaxation. The dining opens thanks to a double door and is also an intimate space to enjoy a treat.

On the other hand, the design work was carried to honor the beauty of the sea-worn stones over time. A large-scale graphic works inspired by the abstract beauty of the famous female American artist Georgia O’Keefe, shows the work of photographer Shelli Breidenbach. The sensuality of the collection is the perfect counterpoint to the strong lines and elegance that abound in the interior of the yacht.

The lower deck features a classic design to give the best hospitality to the guests: the owner’s cabin is located in the middle of the boat, a VIP cabin is forward and two cabins with double beds in the center. The first, in particular, is an open space which has a shower and toilet to starboard.

Comfort is felt even in the cockpit, the controls are placed on a black console mounted on a wooden structure that also makes shine the exceptional work in carpentry that abounds in the boat. The seat is individual and was designed in such a way that reinforces the sense of having ample space to run the yacht at sea and make the most of the vastness of the landscape that form the union of heaven and ocean.

In summary, the Sanlorenzo SL94 is a yacht that blends classical values such as craftsmanship with contemporary and minimalist design, and materials such as glass and stainless steel. It is certainly a luxury yacht that will find its way steadily, sailing through the world’s finest waters.







93’ 10”


22’ 2” 

Water capacity: 

2,000 l 

Fuel capacity: 

10,400 l


2x CAT C32 ACERT (2x MTU 16V 2000M92)Displacement: 

104 tons  

Maximum Speed: 

29 knots ( 53.71 km/h)


Text: Sanlorenzo México ± Photo: Sanlorenzo YAchts