Marvelous Victory

As the favorite tree of Apollo, in Greek mythology, Laurel has always been linked to events of the highest caliber and the highest achievements of man. That is why this boat deserves this name.

Whatever approach we use to analyze this beautiful mega yacht, the result is the same: amazing. Whether it be for the more than 60 meters in length, the beauty of its lines and seamless integration of colors, or by it´s four decks (five if you count the tanks one), this boat is much more than a pretty face .

All components of this cruise deserves to be awarded, the mastercraft of Donald Starkey Design in conjunction with Delta Marine has given life to this masterpiece of engineering, naval architecture and design.





Proved challenging to make this beautiful island of nearly fifteen hundred tons had a performance like the one it proud boasts, thirteen knots and a cruising speed of just over eighteen knots are not negligible, much less considering that the hull is made of steel but the superstructure, made of composite materials, helps reduce some weight. Having achieved this deserves a special mention for the two teams involved in its conception. Full of impressive details, yet discreet, all in LAUREL is a balancing act that manages to have striking points without losing the class.

Let’s start with the lower deck, where in addition to the tanks, there are areas for the crew, a cabin, kitchen, gym and lockers; as well as general areas such as laundry, refrigerators and storage of mechanical parts. In the stern, past the engine room, we found the garage that holds two NAUTICA dinghy, a smaller boat, two jet skis and four motorcycles.

The following is the main deck and here we find, from stem to stern, a few more cabins for the crew, a recreational area, and other cuisine. Subsequently, the huge master bedroom features lockers on each side, central bathroom and a little further the double bed, a pair of stays to the sides (in the same cabin) and a separate study to starboard.




The port side there are corridors for the crew, a food warehouse and a little more towards the stern, just above the study, the kitchen begins. Turning to starboard you found a private lobby before the study, then a lobby against the common services and further back is the main lobby, giving room to the stairs and elevator. The aft houses a dining room for fourteen guests, separated by a piece of forniture there is the octagonal room with with bench style sits on each side, two three sits sofas and four armchairs. On the outside, a couple of “loveseats” and four armchairs adorn the aft.

On the upper deck there is a large barbecue area with armchairs, small tables, a main table for fourteen guests and a couple of chairs with a table on each side. In the closed area, the boat has a “Skylounge” to port with a table that accommodates six to twelve people and starboard a TV room with a coach for seven people. To port, towards the bow, is the kitchen and a little after the air conditioning room, on the opposite side: the library. Further on is the captain’s cabin, the officers studies, and the audio and video room. Finally the “icing on the cake”: the bridge takes advantage of all the beam available on this deck, leaving space to the sides to the outer aisles. As a classic yacht has a chair with a panoramic view of the bow.




The upper deck is an area of pure recreation counting, in the bow, with two tables for four people to port, amid a starboard control station and a bar. To the sides of the structure there are two chairs for four people in a crescent-shaped style. On the inside, a sitting area with a table and a chair to port, in the starboard direction we foun a table with individual chairs. Then the emergency generator, stairs and elevator, and a little further back is the gym. Leaving this part we find the Jacuzzi area and sun loungers.

The achievements of the Laurel are noteworthy because, even for the U.S. shipyard with a long history, this is the largest yacht delivered to date. Not coincidentally, has been celebrated around the midium and amongst yacht owners with their first trips, that served as proof, by traveling to beach destinations, and another challenge to test its capabilities was the navigation in extreme climates, in this case with the ice floes as sentinels of progress in the icy waters.









40’ 21/2”



Water capacity

11,000 gal (US)

Fuel capacity

45,783 gal (US)


2 X CAT 3516B HD

2 X 2,500 HP @ 1,600 RPM


3’245,207 lb


6,000 millas náuticas

Maximum speed

18.2 nudos / knots 

Cruice speed

13 knots


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Delta Marine