We present this gem that was released in late 2011. It is certainly one of those moments that has revolutionized the boating industry, because of the volume achieved in this boat. Winner of dozens of awards around the world, the Sunseeker Manhattan 53 has already captivated many, and invites you to make a request in order to enjoy this boat as soon as possible. 

Versatility in all departments is what best characterizes the Sunseeker Manhattan 53. With a wide space and entertainment areas for socializing, this boat fits any mood. With two powerful diesel engines  it is posible to have great emotions or to stroll at a comfortable cruise speed. It has three bedrooms to accommodate six adults and a separate crew quarter. If in addition to this, we add the customization of the ship by the owner, we have without any doubt the best boat of the moment, in the range of 50 feet, in the world.





The Sunseeker Manhattan 53 intriguing is distinguished by the particular profile that characterizes Sunseeker, with impeccable finish and an impressive level of luxury. It is perfect for taking friends and family from island to island, bay to bay, port to port ...

The outdoor fun and relaxation are achieved very easily with the impressive flybridge. With a very large table and a place to sunbathe, make this flybridge, the best in the market for these sizes.

It has exceptional maneuverability, responsive handling and a range unmatched in boats of this type. It also has the latest navigation systems, plus the convenience of having two consoles to surf where you desire.




To test this boat, there is no better place than the shores of England. With an unreliable climate, winds that hit the west and northeast, we find that the navigation of this Sunseeker is formidable. It reaks the wave with its deep V hull in an unique way for a boat of this capability.

Replace the Manhattan 52, has been a hot topic in Sunseeker, because of the success it had through the years. But we do found in this Manhattan 53, a little more length, beam, and also a dramatic increase in volume, we see why Sunseeker launched this project. It seems to be competing in the ranges of 60 feet.

Like its predecessor, the 53 is a three-quarter boat. The design, both on the main deck and below, is based much more on the edges and right angles, which is much more efficient with the space curved forms they replace. Also provides a better view for modern times. The indoor dining is something new that was achieved by the volume of the maindeck. Another very important note is that the entrance from the cockpit to the salon, no longer carries any kind of depth, so the door is very clear and efficient and can combine outdoor and indoor areas.



As for the kitchen, we see that ot also has a large amount of extra space. Since it has a full height refrigerator, in addition to a double height with natural light coming from the windshield. 
 Another of the most notable aspects of the Manhattan 53 is the size of the three rooms. The third room has two full size beds instead of bunks, having a very good place to walk. Up front, the VIP room was not as radically redesigned, but as the last one, it also benefits from the greater length of the hull, with a compartment slightly larger head and larger surface. With the large windows and increased size bathrooms, we find that in fact it is a room improved by technology, years, height and size. As for the main room, it has a very large windows, providing of the illumination that belongs to a much larger boat. The height has been redesigned to obtain a very important area, with a couch for reading or a phenomenal rest.

Various outlines are available indoors and that is why any Sunseeker is customized to what the customer really wants. The possibilities are endless. To give some examples, you can choose the color of the hull, external floor type, type of interior floors, ceiling and wall upholstery, wood type, upholstery furniture, types of blinds or curtains, bedspreads, cushions and so on.



Another great gadget on Sunseekers, is the hydraulic platform. It is an authentic beauty, not only serves to take the dinghy out of sight of the rooms and flybridge, but has many other functions, such as boarding the dinghy without jumping, just by taking down the platform. Works like a pool in your own boat, is excellent for diving fans and even for people who found swimming complicated due to the effort of climbing up the stairs to get into the boat again, here you can simply go up by swimming, an amazing invention. 

Now we understand why this boat has won so many awards in the few months of its existence and we know that Sunseeker remains at the forefront of new products.




Lengthoverall (incl. pulpit):

60' 2"

Lengthwaterline (@ half load):

44' 7"


15' 5"

Maximumdraft (incl. props):

4' 2"

Displacement (@ half load):

60389 lb

Fuel capacity:

580 US gals


158 US gals


Twin prop


Up to 1600 PS (total)

Fuel options:



up to 32 knots


23 knots


Text: Nautikos ± Photo: Nautikos