The Future of Yachting

BBenetti is one of the most distinguished and oldest yacht producers in the world. Established in 1873, it has built over 350 boats with the quality, expertise and reliability that characterize this Italian shipyard. Benetti has worked relentlessly to satisfy Owners’ needs with unique, customized designs that ‘sail the seven seas’, specializing in luxury, comfort, performance and safety.

Benetti has now partnered with Mexican designer Fernando Romero, considered one of the leading architects of his generation, to create the new concept yacht Se77antasette, presented at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. Romero’s design is groundbreaking; it separates from traditional architecture, transforming context, conditions and moments into buildings, places, objects, and vessels with structured identities.

The result of such collaboration is the Se77antasette, an extraordinary yacht that defies the traditional concept of rigid horizontality and combines a revolutionary design of flowing lines with complex structures inspired by marine themes. The yacht encourages connectivity—space transitions from deck to deck flawlessly, unifying the vessel into a single body, while enhancing the close relationship between nature and the sea.



Space onboard is dynamic. The stern entry deck has three openings, offering a complete view of the sea, or can remain enclosed and secluded. It can also be transformed into a terrace to serve as a gym or as an exclusive spa area dedicated entirely to rest and relaxation. This dynamicity includes a space to conduct business, as well as organizing events, presentations, or private meetings with a 270-degree view of

the sea.

The central area of the Se77antasette makes up a space of unprecedented size for a 77-meter. The saloon will make the perfect dining setting, a magnificent theater for movie night, or a dancefloor with a strobe light disco ball in the middle and a DJ station. The 100 m2 master suite is located at the main deck and features an additional 140 m2 of private outdoor space. The custom-made wooden bed rests at the center, and the marble bathroom has a lovely view to the sea.

The terrace in the bow is furnished with comfortable sofas and even has a private 1.5 meter deep swimming pool. The space is also equipped with a floor lifting system that transforms it into a heliport to land and for takeoff.  On the lower deck, the vessel accommodates two VIP cabins—with walk-in closets and bathrooms for him and her, plus access to the private terrace—and four guest cabins.







The upper deck houses the most intimate space on the yacht: the observatory. It consists of 8.5m long glass slabs on which severe stress tests have been performed to guarantee their strength. Air conditioning controls temperature and humidity. The Se77antasette is focused on the future, with highly advanced technology that has revolutionized the yachting world. The glass dome provides an uninterrupted view to the sky and contains the navigation system, with an integrated and invisible radar equipment devised by Benetti’s engineers; it can also be used as an augmented reality screen, controlled by voice commands and movement sensors.

The vessel is propelled by five variable speed Caterpillar generators, which allow the use of the full power available from the diesel engine and require less space in the engine room, coupled with two twin counter-rotating screws pods, driven by permanent magnet motors. The Se77antasette embodies Benetti’s spirit of innovation, design, technology

and handcraftsmanship.O





“The decidedly innovative essence of this project, born from a perfect union between the two different worlds of yachting and civil architecture; the major difficulty was to make an already excellent product even better. If the shipyard’s identity is recognized universally as a sophisticated luxury product, then the Se77antasette elevates yachting to a higher dimension than we have ever seen before, drawing on Romero’s skill and Benetti’s know-how”.

Texto: Benetti ± Photo: FR-EE