An elegant and sophisticated private island

When talking to someone about a flybridge, is common that at least one example of the  Azimut comes ti mind, the brand has achieved a perfect communion of elegance, comfort and technology, offering a wide range of models that have been winners of awards for its innovation, comfort and contemporary aesthetics.

>Usually, this company´s yachts offer designs that ensure plenty of room without neglecting aspects such as light and privacy, so places so technical as a booth, become true suites with a number of details that allow you to enjoy of luxury around every corner.


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This time the Azimut 82 stays true to that philosophy: to start, in the stern area has a hundred square meters finishing in the sun-pad on the bow, the flybridge is complemented with a jacuzzi. The site behind the pool has enough space for a chaise longue or an auxiliar boat, at starboard of the bow there is a bar area with an integrated grill, a refrigerator, a freezer and a sink to serve the guests as they deserve .

From the oiutside we can see a boat with large and functional spaces, the features  of furniture reveal at a glance that it does not skimp on luxury to offer maximum comfort, the decor is a mix of traditional materials and sophisticated designs, suitable to enjoy the sea.

The cabin is arranged to provide a space for style and safety. The wooden table for eight people and brown upholstered chairs offer a comfortable look. This section highlights the use of steel railings, material that provides a sense of modernity and accentuates the feeling of certainty, the ultimate space for relaxation.


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Three sliding glass doors are the border between the cabin and the main hall. This section is luxuriously furnished with sofas and wood accents, has large windows that let you enjoy natural light throughout the day and features a central table with a design that gives a contemporary feel to the place, also the different crystal ornaments accomplish the same goal.

The main cabin is located in the center of the vessel within an area covering fifteen square meters, has double glazing of four vertical segments, one of which can be opened to allow sunlight fully illuminate the room. The dining room is placed to the left. The bed is arranged in a longitudinal angle and topped with a quilted leather coated header placed on a background of mirrors. It is a comfortable space to enjoy some reading or share with someone else a comfortable ride.


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Moreover, the VIP cabin is located at the peak of the bow, also possesses a large amount of space. It shares some of the previous mentioned characteristics such as the arrangement of bed, the header material and the sme characterictics for the windows which favor natural lighting.

In summary, the Azimut 82 is a yacht that balances aesthetics and functionality, designed for comfort in either open or closed. It is a legacy of learning by Azimut for forty years, to use the benefits of technology without neglecting the traditional values of the ships destined to wade through the vagaries of the sea to impose elegance and comfort.


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84’ 3”


20’ 4”

Water capacity: 

356 US gls

Fuel capacity: 

1.796 US gls


2 X 1,825 Hp MTU 12V 2000 M72


165,347 lb

Maximum Speed: 

29 knots(53.71 km/h)


Text:  Efren Belmont ± Photo: Azimuy Yachts