Undoubtedly, Moonen launches always do raise a stir among the press, connoisseurs, and not so experienced people. Northlander is an example of the work by Moonen’s full staff and companies involved in its construction.

The outside is discreet and classic with some modern touches, but generally follows a classical design trend. The line is more angular and with changes quite well defined. Despite its undeniable traditional design this beautiful yacht allows us to relax and really enjoy the journey. Assuming that this boat was designed from the beginning as a charter boat, it has distinctive features which place it as a not so common yacht.


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Special attention deserves the care taken from the beginning, to the choice of configurations in order to allow maximum use of light. Thus the choice of large side and rear (stern) windows that maximize the natural light of this beautiful yacht. Another proof is the interesting stairs that lead to the four decks and through an automated system allows us to hide them and turn the cube into another additional aid.

The upper deck invites us to relax outdoors, since it has a Jacuzzi on the stern - detail increasingly widespread in the maritime world - and a round table for ten people and, finally, access to lower decks through the aforementioned steps.


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The cockpit deck is quite interesting as it is devoted almost entirely as a cover for the bridge and all the controls and navigation the yacht requires for transatlantic crossings. At the stern there is a large open area that serves as a space for good conversation and to mount any kind of infrastructure the boat might for entertainment. In the exterior section there is a lounge guarded by side windows that allow the outdoors but protected from both the sun and wind. A little further on is the kitchen and starboard the other stairs that can lead us to the upper deck. Finally, in the stern is the command post, with the latest advances in navigation technology, and thanks to two side chairs, it allows a clear view of the captain’s scope.


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The main deck is the place where the wider cabin stands, by definition, as the master stateroom. In the back of this deck are the kitchen and the dining room with a very unique furniture, six chairs around the table and some chairs that can accommodate three additional diners; from the screen wall that divides the rooms, we find an interior hall and one more outside.

Finally the lower deck is where all the cabins - including crew - make your stay a delight because they have all the related advances in entertainment. In total there are four guest cabins two with double beds and two with single beds, all with private bathrooms.


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The Moonen Northlander is, without doubt, an ocean liner in every sense of the word. The captain who had the opportunity to navigate from the Old Continent to “The Indias” or better known as the “New Continent” had very positive feedback regarding the performance of this boat at sea.

Moonen, as always, giving the sailing world to talk about.


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125’ 2”


28’ 3”

Water capacity: 

1,760 gal

Fuel capacity: 

10,009 gal


2 X MTU 16V 2000 M60

2 X 1073 bHP @ 1800 RPM


727,526 lb

Maximum Speed: 

14.5 knots (26.85 km/h)



Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Moonen Shipyards