By the simple fact to mention the shipyard or the designers, as much of the outside as of the interior, it is possible to be inferred what type of boat is Solemates. More than one hundred ninety-six feet of length is a clear indicator of the monumental work required and the impressive number of hours that all the specialized equipment dedicate, finally, furrowed the seas with the forehead in stop and to its way.

 The outside, by simple and delicate that seems, was not easy task, although for the masterful mind of Espen Øino might not have been so complicated. . It’s interesting to see how some designers, obvious altogether with the owners, choose to take the white like dominant or unique color for the outside. With this as it bases, we can in detail appreciate each section of the outside. The line of the hull is quite simple and, for this reason, elegant.




From the prow we can follow a same air line that does not interrupt until the aft of the upper deck. The half closed hull of the vessel is opened with a slight curve to reveal the hallway outside the main deck. Once finished the curve the air line it follows until the stern, where give space to the stairs that help us to descend to the swim platform.

The presence of many windows in the sides of the boat is showy that, besides the aesthetic outside and interior, help to catch the natural light, which offers to the aesthetic interior a totally different one. Is at sight that the inner sections were designed taking into account this characteristic from the boat.

 All the design of interiors is thought to offer to a tranquility experience and the space sensation that we have when approaching. Four decks exist to be able to discover this. The tanks deck, that hardly the guests know, is a covered service. Here are the most tanks, refrigerators, dashboards and other systems that serve this artwork floating. Here also is the laundry area and the area for the crew.

In the next deck, the lower, are the seven crew cabins and four cabins for guests. On the back is the engine room, which also occupies the same space in the tank deck, and finally the garage. 




The main deck seems endless when viewed from the stern, where there is an outer room. Advancing towards the bow we found the main hall, steps forwards the formal dining room that has space for 12 companions at table. Immediately afterwards there is a foyer that welcome us if we come from the outside or we went to the main cabin. This last one is right the jewel of the crown. Spacious is a word that remains short for the extension of this cabin. In first instance it has a studio to starboard, crossing doors we arrived at the small reading room to port, and free space towards starboard until it appears the bed. The bath is totally worthy of a palace, the kitchen is on the port side, just across the foyer.

  The upper deck is designed for entertainment on board, has an outdoor table for eight or twelve people in the bow, a room to port and a couple of chairs to starboard. Inside, a circular room that serves as living area and a projection room. Toward the stern is a game table, a little later in the port side, we found a bar. Later, another small room offers an ideal space to enjoy the conversation. Later, a guest cabin, to port the foyer with half bath, and fully to port corridors and service areas.





 The next section is the captain’s cabin to starboard, on the other side, the office, which is also the control room audio and video. Finally,  not least, on the contrary, the bridge. This is where you have the best view from the inside, it’s always a delight to see how combine different navigation systems, control and security to lead us from one port to another through the ocean of your choice with absolute confidence.

 A peculiar detail that implies the adoption of the technology on board is that to each guest (when east boat is rented to sail) they provide iPad to him. This one is formed to control diverse functions on board, from the illumination and the blinds, to films and other systems of entertainment on which it counts.

 Like in other many occasions, the quality is made patent with which Lürssen constructs its boats, Solemates is another alive test of it.








196’ 10” 


37’ 6”


11’ 6” 

Water capacity 

32 995 gal

Fuel capacity

6159 gal


2 358 948 lb


7000 millas náuticas (12 964 km)

Cruising Speed

12 knots (22.22 km/h aprox.)

Maximum Speed

15.5 knots (28.70 km/h aprox.)


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Cortesía de la Marca.