Magic of the sea

Beneteau, the famous European firm with more than 150 years of nautical tradition, delivers its most recent work: Sense, a vessel in which luxury, innovation, quality and pleasure blend together in total harmony with environment. In charge of design is Berret Racoupeau, and alongside interior layout and design by Nauta Design, performance and comfort reach excellence.

Set off to sea, be carried away on a dream. With her unique simplicity and freedom, Sense echoes with an invitation to come and experience the magic of the sea. With a new concept, in which cruising has been completely rethought, it will change your ideas on yachting! Life on board has been studied in terms of shape, function and navigation and her hull has been created for high-performance and good sea-keeping. To design a new lifestyle at sea, Beneteau started from scratch, opening the doors to a new world.



Simple to sail, simple to live aboard. Life at sea in this beautiful boat is organized around three large areas. To the stern, life outside stretches tirelessly between the bathing platform, open helm station and maneuvering space and the spacious cockpit designed as a terrace. Beneath this generous space is plenty of stowage and all the machinery. Amidships, the living area is linked in a novel way with the outside. Forward, the night area accommodates bedrooms, a desk area and shower-rooms.



Freedom to anchor, freedom at sea. Everything about Sense is an ode to freedom. Life on board has been thought out to help you be as self-sufficient as possible and make you feel good at all times. Both sailing and at anchor, Sense provides unusual stability and you can move about her as free as the wind. The three step 45° companionway connects the interior with the exterior with a flow that is as yet unequalled on a monohull. She offers free access to all the pleasure of the sea thanks to the jack-assisted stern transom which lowers fully and the two helm seats which lift like a draw bridge.

In this ship we are able to experience the joy of sailing a yacht with good sea keeping qualities. The original design of the Sense hull reduces the angle of heel with no loss of performance. Close to the water, Sense anticipates new desires for comfort in sailing and offers the whole crew a feeling of total safety, whatever their age.

It´s generous open spaces allow everyone on board to freely enjoy the magic of the sea together. Share the best moments, while each person being free to enjoy life on board at his own pace. From stern to stem, life on board this beautiful ship flows calmly and takes on a new dimension.

With natural and artificial light, this yacht gives a sense of space. Her many large openings let light circulate and make for clear vision. Light is all-pervading but never overhead to keep her cool. Her openings are carefully studied to ventilate inside no matter what direction the wind is coming from. The artificial LED lighting divides the energy requirements by five and reduces the heat factor significantly.



With sustainability in mind, this vessel minimizes her environmental footprint by reducing the energy consumption of the two most demanding units: lighting and refrigeration. She is also designed to house the hybrid engine with regeneration technology, developed by the Beneteau Foundation.

This ship is eligible for “Dock & Go” technology, making the most complicated maneuvers a child’s play. DOCK & GO is the solution that Beneteau introduces in order to maneuver a large sailing yacht in port with ease. It’s a system that allows carrying out intuitive and enjoyable maneuvers in one single movement, thanks to the use of the «cross-shaped» joystick at the helm position.





For easier maneuvering when coming alongside, the bow thruster is synchronized with a 360° pivoting saildrive base by the use of a controller. The helm stays locked automatically during the maneuver. Moving 90° to port or starboard, forward, astern and turning on the spot allow you to move the boat in a limited space and to access the most complex berthing situations.

Going astern is achieved by pivoting the saildrive with no loss of power, saildrive rotation is carried out in half a second with the help of an electric motor.

By pivoting 180°, the pod allows the propellers to provide the same amount of power when moving astern as ahead. This system guarantees you increased safety thanks to the combined assistance of the engine and bow thruster, specific to the DOCK & GO system.

There is a sense to life at sea!






50.1 ft

Total Weight

15.3 Ton

Fuel Capacity

415 l

Water Capacity

730 l

Engine HP

75 HP Sail Drive


Text: Víctor Morán ± Photo: Cortesía de la Marca.