At an altitude of 2,648 meters, the Torrecerredo Peak ,in the Municipality of Cabrales, is one of 11 peaks that exceed a height of two thousand meters in the Principality of Asturias.

As a contrast to high mountains, this region has trenches as deep as the Avilés Canyon,  nearly 5000 meters deep. A plaque reads here: “Avilés Canyon, a submerged valley that cuts across the plateau and the slope”.

It is the deepest in the world, ranging from 175 meters above the plateau to up to 4750 meters at the base of the slope. “And among the peaks and abysses, there are relaxing towns and a landscape dressed of an inexhaustible green, snowy landscapes, peasant scenery and luxury hotels. The smile in Asturias is an invitation to friendship.


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