Like a king galloping through his lands, the Aqua travels along the tranquil waters of the Amazon  and Ucayali rivers as if it own them. It defies torrential rains, the mist and the unrelenting sun that it may glide along with the pink and gray dolphins, and observe all kinds of birds and exotic animals.

Built in 2007, this unique vessel was specifically designed for water expeditions. It is 130 feet long, 24 feet wide, and features a 5 foot draught. Its total displacement reaches the 400 ton mark, and it is capable of achieving speeds of 10 knots, propelled by twin Cummins 380 Hp engines, and twin Cummins generators of 95 and 65 KVA, respectively. It is fitted with 3 aluminum-built auxiliary boats designed to support 8 to 10 people.



A crew of 21 keeps the vessel afloat, including a cruise director, paramedic and 3 bilingual nature guides. The vessel can accommodate 24 passengers inside 12 suites: 4, 22m2 master suites, and 8, 21m2 suites featuring a single-panel, 4.5 x 6m window, air conditioner and private bathroom facilities.

The main dining hall offers panoramic views over the stream, and it is the home to chef Pedro Miguel Schiffiano’s high cuisine, a chef that has personally designed a menu composed of delicious creations based on ingredients found in the jungle. The bar is located on the upper deck, and serves refreshing and colorful cocktails while travelers enjoy the view or the company of a good book.

Given that the Aqua cannot reach certain branches of the river, small boats are deployed for travelers to explore the shore and the surrounding areas. Travelers can also transverse certain parts of the jungle alongside guides, visiting tribal villages, and exploring the local flora and fauna.

Navigating inside the Aqua is, quite simply, a fantastic experience that allows one to discover the Amazon and its main branches, the Marañon and the Ucayali, as well as the smaller rivers, such as the Yanallpa, Puinahua and Pacaya. The adventure begins at Iquitos, and from there one enters he jungle, where a marvelous journey awaits at the heart of the Amazon.







Aqua Expeditions

Calle Huallaga 215

Iquitos, Maynas, Loreto, Perú

Tel: (51 65) 60 1053



Text: Patrick Monney / Amura ± Photo: Cortesía Aqua Expeditions, Prom Perú.