• Peru faces problems of insecurity within very specific areas. We strongly recommend to keep an eye on your belongings during your trip.

• When it comes to choosing your luggage, keep in mind that in the Amazon region, specifically in the Iquitos area, climate is subtropical and with profuse rainfall. Rainy season normally happens from November to April, while dry season lasts from May to September.

• Boots or sneakers are the best choice to wear at all times during the tours. While visiting any forest it is also very important to drink water plentifully. As rains are unpredictable, having a change of clothes in hand is really useful.

• If you are traveling to the Peruvian jungle, it is strongly advised to get inoculated against yellow fever with at least a 10 day notice prior to the visit.

• Insects are an everyday companion in Perú, so do not forget to pack an insect repellent.




• Visiting the town of Nauta is essential. The rustic air that this village exhales is really captivating: the city square, the church, the sculpture honoring Manuel Pacaya and the popular market Nauta are must-sees. Another attractive aspect of the town is its charming rural stillness.

• During the adventure of crossing the Yanayacu river, the multicolored vegetation as well as its endless blue sky are an outstanding spectacle, and the color of the water has earned this river the name of “the jungle of water-mirrors”. This place also hosts big flocks of parrots, macaws, and herons, as well as the famous pink dolphin.

• Laguna Caro is perfect for sightseeing piranhas, arowanas and pavones, which will not only be swimming around the boat, but are also available for fishing. Ask the locals to cook the spoils you get for the day with their unique local style.

• The bird life that proliferates in the place is worthy of deep admiration, so binoculars should never be left behind. Chimachima, royal condors and the red and the harpy eagles are only a few of the birds that can be found in the region.



Text: Gustavo Pérez ± Photo: Aqua Expeditions, Prom Perú.