Sophistication in the Serengeti

The Singita Pamushana, in the Serengeti plain, is a 60 000 km2 expanse of savannah shared between Kenya and Tanzania. Every year, it becomes the theatre for the migration of thousands of wild animals including zebras, gazelles, black gnus and buffalo as they make their annual descent from the Northern hills to the Southern plains, before making the return journey in April.


At the Singita Pamushana, you will have front row seats for this breathtaking spectacle. Amongst the floral chintz, animal skin rugs, Indo-Venetian mirrors, feather lampshades, snooker table and infinity pool, you will succumb to the charm and sophistication of this English manor house set on the hillside.

One of the great luxuries that the Singita Pamushana has to offer is an all-encompassing sense of privacy for its guests. Thousands of hectares will be at your disposal for you to travel freely, and be in direct contact with the spectacular array of wild life that is found inside the reserve. Upon your return, a spacious bathtub, with direct views to the Serengeti Plain, will be waiting for you.

The Singita Pamushana has one luxury villa, and nine luxury lodges, as well as a Spa, outdoor pools, archery range, amongst other amenities. A five-star restaurant offers a wide variety of local and international cuisine.




Singita Pamushana

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Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía Hotel Singita Pamushana