Rejuvenate your soul at the luxurious world class spa recognized as Leading Spa of the World, one of the major hallmarks of this spectacular hotel. It offers a sensorial journey in a unique and extraordinary atmosphere that leads to explore the senses and balance your mind, body and spirit. Relaxe each body part individually through a menu of holistic treatments and highly qualified therapists.

 It has 20 elegant cabins which offers over 80 spa treatments including massage therapies for both children and adults, scrubs and body wrap, facials, bath therapy, plus all-day rituals in the spa, for which we’ve carefully selected the flavors, ingredients and rituals of service to pamper, relax and rejuvenate yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.



 Something unique that Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort offers in the spa, is the hydrotherapy process, either before the treatment of your choice or as a the main treatment. It is undoubtedly among the most complete in the market and it induces you in a perfect state of relaxation and wellbeing that allows you to ideally start your experience by letting yourself go with the water sensations that manage to make you to forget about everything outside the spa and let go of the past present. 

 Another very special thing for this Leading Spa of the World, are the especially designed treatments for children, such as the “Pancho bubbles” Massage, a relaxing massage accompanied by a shower of bubbles that will keep the child surroun-ded by a recreational environment. There is also the Tarzan & Jane Massage, a fun massage through a series of stretches that are highly original and made with colorful, soft sheets. Or if you are looking for something completely different, the best option is the Princess Massage, that in addition to a relaxing and moisturizing massage that will leave you body with flashes of lights, it is accompanied by a “Bindi” on the 3rd eye, stimulating intuition and perception.

 Facials are also offered where chocolate cannot be missed, hydro-tubs accompanied by a delicious milkshake, and for girls a beauty salon that will transport them to their favorite fairy tale.

 Of course children are not the only kings of this unique spa, we also offer very special treatments for adults, some of which our highly skilled therapists have been trained by Eastern therapists that specialize in these fields. Any massage treatment, facial or envelope will make you exit the spa completely transformed after achieving the perfect balance.





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Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit.