After a journey through the Calchaquies Valley in the province of Salta, in Argentina we pushed the door of Los Patios de Cafayate, an amazing hotel from the Sheraton Luxury Collection, in the middle of the vineyards that have the same name.
The “Patios” invite you to enjoy the aroma from the flowers that dress them and the saloons with a calling to dream about the past, surrounded by ancient furniture and art paintings. The views over the vineyards around the hotel are simply spectacular.


The suites have an immediate warm and relaxing effect on the guests, in the middle of an aristocratic environment, with the vines in the background that produce and excellent wine from this region for its guests. Each of the 30 suites and rooms have been decorated with exclusiveness and originality, aside from having their own Jacuzzi.



Having breakfast on the terrace and enjoying the view, where the lavanda flowers aromatize the air, to later on enjoy the Spa, with its herbs and essences, its relaxing massages that follow the Winespa tradition, with valleys and purple mountains in the background.


After visiting the Esteco vault, which produces the best wines of Michel Torino, the excellent cuisine in the restaurant can be enjoyed, where the chef ma-nages to mix up the flavors while serving the best meat and special dishes made from native recopies.


Los Patios de Cafayate is a hotel that unites the beauty of this place with the beautiful vineyards, the delicacy of its wines, the perfection of the Spa and the luxury of its suites and saloons.




Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa

Ruta Nacional 40 y Ruta Nacional 68

Cafayate, Salta 4427, Argentina

T: (54) (3868) 422 229


Text: ± Photo: Photo: Cortesía Hotel Patios de Cafayate